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Multimedia Language Resource Center

Assisting faculty wishing to use technology to better connect with and instructor Liberal Arts students.

Campus Location

Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 319A

Having trouble?

Questions or problems can be addressed by Levi Osborn available in CA 319A, at 274-2518 and

Can I use this facility?

All faculty and staff are welcome to use our facilities.


The Instructional Technology area is open Monday - Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 3pm.  Levi is often in the lab additional times and is happy to help whenever possible.

Is there a comparable facility on campus?

We are a school and discipline-specific instructional technology area, so there is some overlap with the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Faculty are able to record screen captures with audio for use as podcasts within classes.

What type of instruction/attention does this facility offer?

Levi Osborn is on hand to assist with issues relating to Instructional Technology.