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Digital Language Lab

The Multimedia Language Resource Center’s Digital Language Lab provides cutting-edge educational tools to the students, faculty, and staff of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. Our primary focus is to aid in foreign language education and work with both faculty and staff to develop more effective methods of teaching and learning with technology.

Campus Location

The Composition by Computers Labs may be found in Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 319.

Liberal Arts Classes that make use of this facility

The Department of World Languages and Cultures relies heavily on the technology offered by the Digital Language Lab for both instruction and testing.

Having trouble?

We schedule a consultant by request or when any of the advanced features of this facility are used.

Can I use this facility?

Any member of the IUPUI community may use this facility.


The Digital Language Lab is available to students and faculty on a walk-in basis through out the week. If, however, a class has reserved the lab, walk-ins may not use the lab until the class is done. Watch for signs and postings of when the lab will be in use by a class. The lab may also be reserved by faculty members as part of a course.

Can I reserve this facility?

Reserving the lab is easy. Click here to fill out a reservation request. Instructors may reserve one date at a time, but may schedule additional lab time after each session. In addition, each instructor may book the lab for three 45 minute oral exams per semester.

A scheduled lab session will be forfeit 15 minutes after the starting time if the class does not show. Instructors should contact us at or 317.274.2518 if the class will be late. We ask that you be courteous to others using the lab and cancel your lab time if you no longer need it.

Tips for Reserving MLRC Digital Language Lab:


The Digital Language Lab allows an instructor to ‘push’ content out to the students’ desktops be it audio, video, or data.

What type of instruction/attention does this facility offer?

All instructors are encouraged to receive training prior to use of MLRC Global Connector facility for class. We will schedule a trained consultant to be present if the instructor so desires.