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[Photo]: Technology Home Page

Communication Technology Lab

This facility is best used by students interested in media production; audio, video, photography, and graphics. It is a fully equipped studio with workstation capable of creating web pages, video tapes and files, DVDs, audio projects or audio sweetening for video, slide shows, podcasts; anything media oriented.

Campus Location

The Communication Technology Laboratory is located in Cavanaugh Hall (CA)446. The web site is at

Liberal Arts Classes that make use of this facility

Our major use is from Communication Studies media production courses including M220 Electronic Graphic Production, M221 Electronic Media Production, M290 Video Production Workshop, M450 Video Production (for non-majors), M463 Advanced Graphic Techniques, M464 Advanced Audio Techniques, M465 Advanced Video Techniques, and M466 Television Direction. We have also been utilized by other departments and schools such as English, Spanish, Anthropology, Folklore, Geography, Informatics, Criminal Justice, Health Administration and Journalism.

Having trouble?

There is always a lab consultant on duty when the lab is in use. If the problem or requirement is beyond the scope of the consultant the ultimate authority is the Teleproduction Supervisor.

Can I use this facility?

The Communication Technology Laboratory is available to all the students at IUPUI. But there are some caveats. First, students in courses directly supported by the lab have first access to all equipment and facilities. Other students can use the equipment or facilities out side those times. Equipment and facilities are only to be used for academic purposes. Some equipment, notably the camcorders, can only be loaned out to persons who have passed the tutorial quizzes which are available on the lab’s web site.

How can I become more involved?

One can take a production course.


The lab has open hours which are posted on the door and on the lab web site. It is recommended that facility time be reserved. Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail or just dropping by.

Is there a comparable facility on campus?

The schools of Informatics, Journalism and Herron all have equipment loans available to students in that school’s classes.


There are several videos on the web site that showcase productions done by M290 classes. They also shoot the moderator for "The Spot" on green screen in our studio every week. "Consider This" is a production that has been produced for decades in our studio and is seen over over the state.

How does this pertain to the School of Liberal Arts?

Many of the productions shot and edited in our facility are specifically for the School of Liberal Arts. Recently we started shooting interview segments for another course that produces material for The Liberal Arts News Bureau which is written by students. And, of course, most of the students using lab facilities are in School of Liberal Arts courses.

What type of instruction/attention does this facility offer?

Although we like to have students doing work in the lab to have knowledge of the equipment or software they want to use, many come in needing help who are not doing the work themselves. In those cases we often do what they need with consultants. We go to classes or classes come to us to get instruction in the equipment/software for projects in non-production courses. And, as mentioned, students borrowing camcorders must view an on-line tutorial and pass a quiz to use the equipment.