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  • Liberal Arts Talks presents Robert Aponte: "Sixteen Bullets: The Laquan McDonald …
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  • 29th Joseph T. Taylor Symposium
    February 15, 2018 || Read More »
  • Liberal Arts Talks presents Gail Bennett: "Ah Ha! Second-level Writing Helps …
    March 1, 2018 || Read More »

IU School of Liberal Arts Student Council -

Join us at our monthly meetings - Open to all.  Fall 2017 schedule to be posted on by early August.

Upcoming events:    

          If you are interested in staffing the Student Council table - contact president, Kara Teipen @


Student Council Contact: 2017/2018 Officers:

 Contact us through the DEN at IUPUI: - or or (317) 274-2465 or visit us at Cavanaugh Hall, CA243D.  And join us on Facebook - Liberal Arts Student Council at IUPUI

President: Kara Teipen
Millie Bragg
Mariam Sylla
Amina Suvalija
Eden Rea-Hedrick
Advisors - Amy Jones Richardson Evelyn Safder


Send all budgets and/or funding requests to: (forms found in Documents folder in the LASC site on the Den) and/or post to the LASC site on the messages (to all) 14 days prior to meetings or as soon as possible. All members will vote on budget proposals. 

Liberal Arts Student Council Officers hold regular office hours during the academic year near the Liberal Arts Student Information Center in Cavanaugh Hall Room 243D.   Drop in or schedule an appointment by contacting one of the officers.

Groups may reserve the 2nd floor lobby information table space through the CA243D office. or 274-2465 

IU School of Liberal Arts Student Council - the student organization that coordinates student activities for the School of Liberal Arts.  Liberal Arts Student Council is open to all Liberal Arts students. 

Officers and Representatives should be in good academic standing (i.e. - cum GPA of 2.0 or higher).  Officers are elected through campus elections in the spring each year for the following year. 

Representatives are members of the student organizations housed in the IU School of Liberal Arts and all students who attend meetings of the Student Council.  The expectation is that at least one representative from each student organization will participate (we have at least one student organization housed in each academic department, so representatives also need to get word about activities and issues to students throughout that department).  Members at large are also welcome!

Meetings are open to all IUPUI students, as well as faculty, staff, and visitors who are interested in participating in the council.   Minutes of meetings are posted on the group’s site in the Den and Facebook page.

PURPOSE: According to the Constitution of the Liberal Arts Student Council, the purpose of the Council is "to support the exchange of information between Liberal Arts students and the School, as well as between Liberal Arts students and the campus level undergraduate student government, and to allocate the student activities funds to student organizations housed in the IU School of Liberal Arts and be responsible for the proper recording of those allocations and expenses." (Liberal Arts Student Council Constitution, April 22, 2004)

Examples of activities of the Liberal Arts Student Council include:

The Liberal Arts Student Council maintains page on the Den at IUPUI with campus/community event information, funding request forms (for student organizations within the school), discussion forums, minutes, and other useful material.  To be added to the site, contact