Events & Dates

  • “The Education of Auma Obama,” a film by Branwen Okpako: screening …
    April 23 || Read More »
  • Indianapolis a host for Italian Film Festival USA in April and …
    April 25 || Read More »
  • 7th Annual African Night "Changing the Story"
    April 26 || Read More »
  • Split but Not Separated: Recapturing the Legacy of the Near Southside
    April 27 || Read More »

About Student Affairs

Student Affairs Staff

Our Mission

The mission of the Miriam Z. Langsam Office of Student Affairs is to foster the academic success of Liberal Arts students in partnership with faculty, staff, and community so that students become engaged global citizens.

Our Vision

We aspire to guide the growth and development of engaged citizens by providing exemplary services to our diverse student population in support of their enrollment, retention, and graduation. The Office of Student Affairs will be an open, safe, and supportive educational partner in the academic success, personal development, and empowerment of our students.

Our Core Values

The Office of Student Affairs promotes a spirit of equality and diversity in the pursuit of academic excellence. As professionals, we respect and treat each individual with integrity. We cultivate an environment of advocacy and accountability for the betterment of the student, society, and the world.

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