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  • 29th Joseph T. Taylor Symposium
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General Studies students should work with the General Studies program directly. Click here for more information.

Graduate Students should work with their department or the Graduate School. 

If you are a Liberal Arts Undergraduate pursuing a degree or certificate you may use the link below. We are currently accepting applications for December 2017, May 2018, August 2018, and December 2018.


December 2017

May 2018

August 2018

December 2018

Graduation Status 

You are able to view your graduation application status in your One Student Center by navigating to ‘My Academics and Grades’ and selecting ‘Graduation Status’. Within a week of submitting your Graduation Application you should see the status "Program in Review" and your intended graduation term listed. Review all the information for accuracy and alert Student Affairs to any errors.  

 Grad Status


Minors are confirmed in Student Affairs. Please visit the Minor Declaration Form to let us know you are working towards a Liberal Arts minor. If you are completing minor coursework in the same semester of graduation it is very important that you are in timely communication with Student Affairs because there is a short turnaround from final grades to degree conferral.

Graduating with Distinction

Each School may recognize only 10% of the undergraduate students graduating for that year. Within that, students must have earned GPAs of at least 3.9 to receive Highest Distinction; 3.75 for High Distinction; and at least a 3.5 for Distinction.  Not all students with those GPAs will receive recognition because of the 10% limit and due to the eligibility rules.  Often the top 10% will have GPAs in the 3.8 and higher range, meaning students with GPAs below that may not earn the distinction due to the 10% cutoff.

To be eligible for consideration, undergraduate students must have:

  1. Officially applied for graduation on time and accurately. If you applied late, you will not be considered for this recognition - no exceptions.
  2. Completed at least 60 credit hours toward degree from IUPUI at the time lists are prepared for the Registrar and Recorder in January. Again, you must have completed at least 60 hours at IUPUI that count toward your degree by the time the list is prepared.
  3. Have an IU cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 or higher when the lists are prepared in January.

These are IU guidelines that we cannot break.  See the IUPUI Bulletin 2014-2016 for more details.

Those students who meet the above requirements and are in the 10% will be contacted via email by the Assistant Director of Student Records with instructions for picking up honor cords prior to commencement.


1. What does it mean to "apply for graduation?" Applying for graduation means you are put ‘In Review’ so your record will be reviewed for completion of all degree requirements. Until you identify your graduation term and formally apply with the Student Affairs Office we do not know when you are expecting to finish all your coursework. Once you officially apply, you will be included on lists for processes like graduation auditing, Commencement invitations, and celebration events. You should work with your departmental advisor to plan your coursework and identify which semester is realistic based on your course load and the course offerings available.

2. What is the Graduation Survey I’ve heard about and how do I take it? The School of Liberal Arts Graduation Survey is our opportunity to hear back from you about your experience at IUPUI. The feedback we receive is used by faculty, staff and administration to ensure we are doing all we can to make students’ time here valuable and rewarding. That’s why it is imperative that you complete this survey as you prepare for graduation. Once you have applied to graduate, the survey will be sent to your IUPUI email account in your final semester.

3. I need to take Summer classes, can I still participate in Commencement in May? Yes! You can be an August graduate and still participate in Commencement. The IUPUI campus holds one Commencement ceremony each year in May. That ceremony is meant for students who graduated in December of the preceding year or are expected to graduate in May/August of the current year. Commencement is a wonderful celebration and we encourage you to participate but please remember that participation in Commencement is not the same thing as graduating. Graduation is the formal review process that determines you have met all requirements for the IUPUI campus, the School of Liberal Arts, and your major.

4. My plans have changed and I need to delay my graduation. What do I do? Any changes to your Expected Graduation Term can be made through the Student Affairs Office in CA 401. You can also email Hank Lankford ( with the subject line: Graduation Date Change Request. If email is best for you, you must email from your IUPUI account. FERPA guidelines restrict us from making student record changes from personal email accounts. Please include your student ID number, major and the new graduation date (May YYYY, August YYYY, or December YYYY). This graduation date can have significant impact, especially on Financial Aid, so be sure to communicate as early as possible to avoid delays.

5. How do I know if I graduated? If you were careful to meet with your advisor throughout your career, attended to the missing requirements outlined in your Degree Audit email and communicated with Student Affairs all should be well. However, the best way to confirm is to view your Unofficial Transcript in your One Student Center. Degrees are awarded within 6 weeks of the end of your final semester (note: Summer counts as one semester so if you finished courses in Summer session 1 then you will still not see your degree posted until September). Checking your IUPUI email is always important but becomes critical when you are in the review process. If there are any issues with your record we will use IUPUI email to communicate. Please also verify that your phone number is accurate in your Student Center as we will occasionally reach out by phone.

6. When can I get my diploma? Diplomas are ordered after your degree has been conferred. So in addition to the 6 weeks to confer your degree, there is an additional time period for your diploma to be printed by the Registrar. We typically estimate that diplomas will arrive mid-semester of the term after you graduate. If you’re a May graduate then you should expect your diploma to be available sometime in August. If you’re a December graduate, you should expect your diploma to be available sometime in March. We will communicate when diplomas are available for pick-up to your IUPUI email account. In the interim, you are able to purchase an Official Transcript from the Registrar’s Office which can often serve to satisfy employers or grad schools requesting degree verification.

6. I’m still confused about the process. Where can I get help? Student Affairs! Visit CA 401 to learn more about how we can help guide you successfully toward graduation and beyond. We have staff ready to help in areas like career development, scholarships, advising, degree verification, transfer credits, and more.  


Once you have successfully applied to graduate you will begin receiving Commencement information from the IUPUI Alumni Relations Office and the School of Liberal Arts by mail and to your IUPUI email address in Spring 2017. 

Commencement ceremonies for December 2016 graduates and expected May 2017 and expected August 2017 graduates will be held on May 14, 2017.

Visit for the latest information on the campus-level Commencement ceremony.

Liberal Arts will hold the school-level ceremony at the Indiana Convention Center at approximately 4:30 p.m. Note that this is an approximation as we must be flexible with the University Commencement. Guests should proceed directly to Hall H after the University Commencement for general seating. Partipants should remain in academic apparel and report to Hall H immediately following the University Commencement for check-in.

We encourage you to see this day as your much-deserved celebration, but to avoid stress please consider making plans prior to the University Commencement rather than evening reservations after. Ceremony participants are expected to remain for the duration of the program until the final recessional.

As always, it is imperative that you check your IUPUI email while you are ‘In Review’ for graduation because important degree and Commencement information will be sent frequently.

For further information about Commencement, contact:

  Commencement Headquarters
  University Hall 1031
  301 University Boulevard
  Indianapolis, IN 46202

  Commencement Hot Line
317-278-1700 or 1-866-267-3104


Commencement FAQs

When does the Liberal Arts ceremony start? As noted above, we are subject to the schedule at the University Commencement and will begin as soon as possible after that ceremony concludes. Participants must report to Hall A immediately following the University Commencement for check-in.

When does the Liberal Arts ceremony end? This is dependent on many factors: how long it takes for students to report and check in and how many students are participating in the ceremony, for example. We do our very best to keep the entire program from processional to recessional under 1.5 hours. We strongly encourage you to consider pre-Commencement brunch instead of post-Commencement dinner. Students are expected to remain for the duration of the program out of respect for their fellow graduates.

How many tickets do I get for Commencement? At IUPUI there is no ticketing and you are welcome to bring as many guests with you as you’d like. Please note that there may be limited seating and limited special needs seating available at both ceremonies.

Will there be special accomodations made for those in wheelchairs or with visual/hearing limitations? You can find information about the University Commencement ceremony on the Alumni Relations webpage. For the Liberal Arts school ceremony there will be several areas to accomodate wheelchairs. We will also have reserved seating for those with visual/hearing limitations and ASL interpreters will be on the stage for the latter. Please note that the special accomodations are meant for wheelchairs and not for strollers. We will ask that you park strollers under the stands or use strollers in the back bleacher area without blocking aisles and pathways.

Do I have to RSVP? For the University ceremony your cap and gown order serves as your unofficial RSVP. For the school ceremony RSVP information will be sent in April to RSVP. Check your IUPUI email. Remember, there is no limit to the number of guests you may bring but we will ask for an estimate to help us prepare. We will also ask that you alert us to any special needs you or your guests may have and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Can I wear my regalia from ______? The University has restrictions on regalia during Commencement and it is limited to certain organizations. You can find a list of the approved organizations on the Alumni Relations webpage.

I believe I have earned distinction. How do I pick up my honor cords? Students who have earned Distinction, High Distinction, or Highest Distinction will be contacted a week or two from Commencement to pick up their honor cords. If you want to include your distinction honors on the personal invitations you send to family and friends you may call 317-274-2200 to verify your status.