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Excellence in Diversity Award Recipients

In the spirit of Dr. Joseph T. Taylor and his contributions to IUPUI, the Excellence in Diversity Awards recognize individuals and campus programs that have contributed to the increased recruitment and/or retention of African American and Hispanic faculty, staff, and students. Recipients have also enhanced the campus climate for diversity through innovative curricula, research, programs, and events. Diversity award recipients continue Dr. Taylor’s legacy by building the diversity of the IUPUI community.

2017Rafael Bahamonde, Associate Dean, Professor of Kinesiology, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management at IUPUI
Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Director of Bachelor of Social Work Program, Associate Professor of Social Work, IU School of Social Work at IUPUI
Paul Mullins, Professor of Anthropology, IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI; Docent in American Historical Archaeology, Univeristy of Oulu (Finland)
2016Chelsey Leffel, medical student, Indiana University School of Medicine
Dustin Nowaskie, medical student, Indiana University School of Medicine
2015Kathleen Surina Grove, JD, Director, Office for Women
Simon J. Rhodes, Ph.D., Dean, School of Science
2014Claudette Lands, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Student Suport and Diversity
Rosa Tezanos-Pinto, Ph.D., Director, Latino Studies Program
2013Johnny Flynn, Ph.D., Director, American Indian Programs Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, IU School of Liberal Arts
Margo Foreman, Assistant Director, Diverse Workforce Recruitment and Retention, Office of Equal Opportunity
2012Sheryl Allen, M.D., Assist. Dean of Diversity Affiars, IU School of Medicine Division of Diversity Affairs 
2011Javier F. Sevilla-Martir, Clinical Faculty, Family Medicine, School of Medicine
2010Jennifer Thorington Springer, Ph.D. (individual), Assistant Professor of English, Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies and Africana Studies, IU School of Liberal Arts
Multicultural Teaching Community of Practice , Center for Teaching and Learniing, Consortium for Learning and Scholarship
2009Irene R. Queiro-Tajalli, Executive Director of Undergraduate Education, Interim Director of the Labor Studies Program, IU School of Social Work
2008Dr. Monroe Little, Faculty, Department of History, School of Liberal Arts
Dr. David Suzuki
2007Barbara Browning
Vance Farrow, Faculty, Herron School of Art
2006Hal E. Broxmeyer
David Sabol
Adaptive Education Services
2005Jeffery Anderson
Nancy Chism
Angela EspadaCh.
Didier Gondola
Robert Paterson
2004William Agbor-Baiyee, M.D.
Sherree Wilson
Regina Turner, Office of Campus and Community Life
2003Gina Gibau Sanchez
Monica Medina
Minority Research Scholars Program
2002Lillian Stokes, Ph.D., F.A.A.N.,(individual)
Minority Engineering Advancement Program (program)

Distinguished Contributions: Individuals
  • Miriam Langsam, Ph.D.
  • Jose R. Rosario, Ph.D.
  • David S. Wilkes, M.D.
2001Hertha Taylor