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  • Communication Week: Graduate Communication Club Showcase. Panel for professional development
    March 27 || Read More »
  • Math, Fiction and the World: An Inquiry into the Unreasonable Effectiveness …
    March 27 || Read More »
  • Communication Week: 5th Annual Student, Alumni, and Employer Networking Conference
    March 28 || Read More »
  • Placemaking Along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail
    March 31 || Read More »

[Image]: School of Liberal Arts International


"The world is changing rapidly. American students need to graduate from school not only ready for college, but globally competent. We must prepare the rising generation to connect, compete and cooperate with their peers around the world." ~ Barack Obama

Global literacy and international collaboration are now more important than ever. Intercultural knowledge and competence rank high among the skills identified by employers for new graduates.

In the School of Liberal Arts, students have an interdisciplinary, international, and multicultural experience. It is a global education!

We are at the center of IUPUI’s international experience, with in-depth teaching, research, and degree offerings in eight languages (as well as English for Academic Purposes and American Sign Language) and international studies. Courses with an international emphasis span our disciplines. All Liberal Arts majors are required to take two years of language courses. We are the home of record for all undergraduate study abroad opportunities on campus with programs in China, Jordan, France, Germany, Dominican Republic, Cuba, England and Spain.  Students receive Liberal Arts support and IUPUI scholarships to support their international study.

Our faculty and students participate in research and teaching projects with IUPUI international strategic partners in Kenya, China, and Mexico.  Our School houses the Confucius Institute, the Max-Kade German American Center, and the Spanish Resource Center, three international centers promoting the study of language and cultural awareness in collaboration with the governments of China, Germany, and Spain. The International Center for Intercultural Communication creates linkages between the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and cultures/nations throughout the world.

The School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI is home to a diverse community of undergraduate and graduate students as well as accomplished scholars and researchers from around the globe. Our nearly 100 international students come from countries including Uganda, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Russia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Vietnam, and Pakistan. The faculty comes from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and across North America.

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