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Our Commitment to Diversity

The IU School of Liberal Arts is dedicated to preparing our students to effect positive change in an increasingly complex world. Such preparation includes academic, cultural, and environmental contexts. In support of this goal, the School of Liberal Arts embraces the inherent worth of all individuals with whom we share our campus and our community. Understanding of and respect for personal attributes will be reflected in classroom instruction, school programs and policies, and in the composition of our faculty, staff, and student body.

We recognize that diversity is a key to meeting, and exceeding, all of our goals. Diversity encompasses the range of personal demographics and includes, but is not limited to, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental ability, religion, socioeconomic class, and political ideology. We believe that any environment is enhanced when individuals who have diverse backgrounds and ideas come together to learn and share with each other. We believe further that such learning and sharing are meaningful only when everyone has an equal opportunity to shape the environment in which they co-exist and to participate in the decisions that affect them.

We wish to acknowledge the vibrant and viable community that existed on the site our campus now occupies. In doing so we commit ourselves to ensuring that every member of this community – on and off campus – feels welcome and valued. Moreover, we acknowledge that not every member of this community has always perceived such to be the case. We embrace our daily opportunity and responsibility to honor our shared history as we seek to build upon our nationally recognized programs. The School of Liberal Arts is at its best only when everyone in our community has a reason to be as proud of our achievements and as excited about our future as we are.