Events & Dates

  • From “Keystone Mabel” to “Goldwyn Girl”: Mabel Normand-Professor Kristine Karnick
    December 02 || Read More »
  • Life, Death, and All That Jazz: Bob Fosse and the Hollywood …
    December 05 || Read More »
  • A Shot Away: Stones, Angels, and Murder at Altamont-Professor Mitchell Douglas
    December 09 || Read More »
  • 8th Annual Robert and Dana Curtis Memorial Oratorical Contest
    December 09 || Read More »

Liberal Arts Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Creating and exchanging knowledge that promotes understanding of the human experience.


To become a model 21st-century urban liberal arts school and a preferred location for learning and research in the humanities and social sciences.

Core Values

A liberal arts education is rooted in learning, reflection, teaching, scholarship, and service to people across cultures and over time. To promote a better understanding of a complex world, the School of Liberal Arts builds on this tradition, grounding our work in these shared values:


Five-Year Goals

Goal 1:  Create learning opportunities that inspire students to develop their intellectual abilities academically, technologically, and practically in order to enhance their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Key Strategies:



Goal 2:  Continue and improve the quality and productivity of scholarly research and creative activity performed by Liberal Arts faculty and students.

Key Strategies:


Goal 3:  Increase awareness, appreciation, and support of the School of Liberal Arts and of the impact and involvement, within the community, of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Key Strategies:


Goal 4:  Support students, staff and faculty through improved efficiency, communications, and working environment.

Key Strategies:


Goal 5:  Protect and promote the financial future of the School.

Key strategies: