Events & Dates

  • “The Education of Auma Obama,” a film by Branwen Okpako: screening …
    April 23 || Read More »
  • Indianapolis a host for Italian Film Festival USA in April and …
    April 25 || Read More »
  • 7th Annual African Night "Changing the Story"
    April 26 || Read More »
  • Split but Not Separated: Recapturing the Legacy of the Near Southside
    April 27 || Read More »

About Us

We are Indiana’s public liberal arts college, established in 1972. The School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI is Indiana University’s only school with an exclusive focus on teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences, located at the heart of Indianapolis and Indiana. The urban Indianapolis setting creates an academic experience beyond the boundaries of campus and classroom.

We create and exchange knowledge that promotes understanding of the human experience.  It is an education grounded in the liberal arts tradition, with a commitment to diversity and an eye for practical application of knowledge and community engagement. We provide an education that meets your needs through degrees with an applied focus and substantial student opportunities in research, hands-on community experience, and global learning.

The School of Liberal Arts features world-renowned centers for research in the humanities and social sciences. State-of-the-art technology generates groundbreaking liberal arts research in fields like geographic information science (GIS), health geographics, digital humanities, and professional editing.

Learn about our faculty and staff and administration, or contact us.