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Willard Miller Collection

Willard Miller Collection - Acquired July 2012
AuthorTitleYearCall No.
Grossman, Ross MiltonAbduction, Simplicity and Instinct in the Philosophy of C. S. Peirce1966Dissertation Section
Roberts, Don DavisThe Existential Graphs of Charles S. Peirce1963Dissertation Section
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Plato; R. HackforthPlato’s Phaedo1972B379.A5; H3
Hall, Robert WilliamPlato and the Individual1963B398.E8; H17
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Schroyer, TrentThe Critique of Domination; The Origins and Development of Critical Theory1973B809.3; .S33
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Myers, Gerald E.The Spirit of American Philosophy1970B850; .S67
West, CornelThe American Evasion of Philosophy: A Genealogy of Pragmatism1989B944.P72; W47 1989
Feibleman, James KernAn Introduction to the Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce, Interpreted as a System1970B945.P44; F4
Bacon, Francis and F. H. AndersonThe New Organon and Related Writings 1960B1168.E5; A5
Berkeley, GeorgeWorks on Vision1963B1305; .T8
Hamilton, WilliamThe Metaphysics of Sir William Hamilton1963B1423; .M4
McCloskey, Henry JohnJohn Stuart Mill: A Critical Study1971B1607; .M18
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Russell, Bertrand and L. E. DenonnBertrand Russell’s Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals1952B1649.R93; D5
Russell, BertrandSceptical Essays1961B1649.R93; S3
Wood, Oscar P. and G. PitcherRyle: A Collection of Critical Essays1970B1649.R964; R9
Mohanty, Jitendra NathNicolai Hartmann and Alfred North Whitehead: A Study in Recent Platonism1957B1674. W354; M64
Descartes, RenePhilosophical Essays: Discourse on Method, Meditations, Rules for the Direction of the Mind1964B1837; .L3
Descartes, ReneDicourse on Method, and Meditations1960B1848.E5; L3
Descartes, ReneRules for the Direction of the Mind1961B1868.R42; E5
Kenny, AnthonyDescartes: A Study of His Philosophy1968B1875; .K43
McBride, William LeonExistentialist Politics and Political Theory1997B2430.S33; C7
McBride, William LeonExistentialist Ethics1997B2430.S34; E94
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Kneale, W. C.Probability and Induction1949BC141; .K55
Taylor, A. E.Elements of Metaphysics1961BD131; .T35
Malcolm, NormanKnowledge and Certainty1963BD161; .M28
Claremont Center for Process StudiesProcess Studies1981BD372; .P75
Margolis, JosephNegativities: The Limits of Life1975BD431; .M338
Taylor, CharlesThe Explanation of Behaviour1964BF121; .T34
Dreikurs, RudolfFundamentals of Adlerian Psychology1953BF175; .D713
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Sheldon, William Herbert and S. S. StevensThe Varieties of Temperament1942BF798; .S5
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Aschenbrenner, Karl and A. IsenbergAesthetic Theories: Studies in the Philosophy of Art1965BH21; .A8
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Brooks, JohnTelephone: The First Hundred Years1976HE8815; .B76
Schiller, Herbert I.Communication and Cultural Domination1976HM258; .S277
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Aristotle; R. HopePhysics1961Q151.A7; H6
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