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School of Liberal Arts Faculty Guide

Liberal Arts Dean's Staff and Academic Units

For a complete list of the Dean's Staff and Academic Units within the School of Liberal Arts, visit the Dean's Staff & Academic Units pages.

Due Dates & Deadlines for Academic Year 2014 - 2015

For the most current information on events and deadlines please check the online Dean's Administrative Calendar

Emergency Procedures

New Faculty Resources

  • New Faculty Orientation
    Tuesday, August 19 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    CA 438, Lunch provided, please RSVP to Candice Smith (274-8305) or Merle Illg (274-1904) no later than August 18, 2014 at noon.
  • IUPUI New Faculty Welcome (click here to register) will immediately follow:
    When: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | 1:30 PM-04:30 PM
    Where: Campus Center 450
    Registration begins at 1:00 p.m.  This afternoon event will introduce you to the academic work at IUPUI and especially to those resources created to ensure your success.  Further, this event will feature a welcome from campus officials; networking time; and conversations about research, teaching, and service on campus. 
  • School of Liberal Arts New Faculty Reception – by invitation – Tuesday, August 19 – 4:30-6:00 PM – Remarks at 5:00 PM at the Faculty Club in Hine Hall.  RSVP to Merle Illg or Candice Smith.
  • Campus Maps
  • Human Resources
  • University Information Technology Services, UITS
  • Accounts/Passwords
  • Email
  • Internet, Phone, and much more...  Lync
  • JagTag - University ID
  • Center for Teaching and Learning - Associate Faculty Fall Forum - To promote the professional development of associate faculty (part-time/adjunct), the Center for Teaching and Learning is holding a Fall Associate Faculty Forum on Wednesday, September 3rd at University Library from 4:00-8:00pm.  If you are a part-time faculty member, whether new or returning, you are invited to attend the Associate Faculty Forum, a professional development opportunity designed to support your teaching role at IUPUI. At this multi-faceted event, the Center for Teaching and Learning will facilitate workshops introducing faculty to new teaching methodologies and classroom techniques, and new ways of using technology in the classroom and online. Concurrent session tracks will include topics for new and experienced instructors, with hands-on activities to prepare for a successful fall semester. Go to their events page to register for this event.
  • Center for Service and Learning
    Faculty assistance in integrating service learning and other civic engagement activities into their coursework, assistance for faculty who are looking for one-time service activities for their students, and assistance for faculty to support teaching, service, and research with community partners.
  • Indiana University Directories
    IU People Search (includes IUPUI), IU Register, Purdue People Search
  • School of Liberal Arts Faculty/Staff Directory - Please take a moment in the next few weeks to update your biography in the Liberal Arts faculty staff directory. To update your entry:
    1. Visit
    2. Wait for the page to load.
    3. Select: "Update Your Bio" (located on the right side of the page as well as at the bottom of the department navigation at left).
    4. You will need to authenticate with your usual network ID and associated passphrase.
    5. Complete your changes. Save your changes periodically as the system will time out otherwise.
    6. Things to keep in mind:
      1. Please pay special attention to the new CV field which enables you to link your curriculum vita to your bio. To submit your CV in Word or PDF format use this form ( or email it to Tom Townsend,  Note: A link to your CV will only appear in your bio if you have submitted a CV.
      2. Please make sure that your personal and emergency contact information is accurate. This is particularly important as we work to be in compliance with the campus' emergency policies. (Personal and emergency information is NOT publically viewable.)
      3. Remember that the directory is searchable for academic interests, so keep that in mind when filling in the academic interests field as well as the keywords field.
      4. There are a few pieces of information in your bio that require administrator access to update. Please contact Tom Townsend for assistance.
    7. Save your changes.
    8. Remember that your bio will be unavailable following your update for at least 24-48 hours depending on whether you complete your changes over a weekend.
    9. If you are a department staff member in charge of the directory for your area, please take this opportunity to look across your department biographies, particularly those of your part-time faculty, and make adjustments for the new academic year. For help, once you are logged in to the system, click "Help" in the upper right corner.

New photos may be emailed to Tom Townsend,, as may be questions and issues. If you would like a new photograph, please contact Lauralee Wikkerink, (We encourage all faculty and staff to update their photo at least every five years.)

  • Scheduling Liberal Arts Meeting Rooms (https//
    Use this link to fill out a request for the type of room for which you are looking. Your request will be routed to the proper office and you should expect a reply within 2 business days. If your request is a more immediate need, please contact Candice Smith, or Merle Illg, after filling out and submitting the electronic request.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Class Information

  • Dealing with Student Academic Misconduct
  • Registrar's Academic Calendar
    Information on dates classes meet, when students can drop/add, final dates to withdraw, the exam period, dates the campus is closed, etc. can be found here
  • Class Rosters
  • Submitting final grades
    Grade Distribution Reports are sent out each semester to the Chairs with grade distribution statistics for the previous semester. Review these both for high and low grades; W as well as D and F
  • Course Evaluations
    Course evaluations are required for School of Liberal Arts courses.  The department/ instructor may choose the delivery system, paper or electronic. Evaluations should be distributed and returned prior to the beginning of finals week. Contacts for course evaluations are the Thomas Upton, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Bill Stuckey (Tech Services); and Candice Smith (Academic Coordinator)
  • Waitlist Statistics
  • IUPUI Student Records Retention Schedule


Course Scheduling

  • The Office of the Registrar provides a Schedule Review and Timeline document for each department from the last matching term (last Fall is used for the next Fall, for example). Departments review and revise their course offerings by starting with the Schedule Review Document, correcting the information as appropriate and adding new classes as necessary. Schedule proof documents for first review are returned to the Academic Coordinator, Candice Smith. For second review documents are returned directly to the registrar’s office.

  • Due dates can be found on the Dean's Academic Calendar.

  • They will be turned in as a group from the Dean's office upon first review. In addition to the proofs each department should submit a list with:

    • the number of sections offered at each level; i.e. 12 sections at 100 level, 3 sections at 200 level, etc.
    • the number of sections to be taught by part-time faculty vs. number of section taught by full-time faculty
  • Schedule Proof Form

Enrollment Reports

Curriculum Development

Promotion and Tenure

Research Resources


  • Travel Management Services
    • Travel Guidelines, Planning a Trip, Online Reservations, and Trip Reimbursements
  • Onestart Tab for those with access to schedule travel.

Annual Report and Review

  • Faculty Annual Report
    • Login through Onestart is required to complete your Annual Report
    • Faculty Annual Reports are done each January by all full-time faculty; hard copies DO NOT need to be submitted to the Dean's office as they can be accessed online.
    • Current curriculum vitas are to be submitted electronically, in either WORD or PDF format when you submit your online Faculty Annual Report (you will attach it on the last tab)
  • Faculty Annual Review Form
    • Faculty Annual Review form [Word] [PDF]
    • Faculty Annual Reviews are done each March for all full-time faculty; signed, by both the faculty member and the department chair, hard copies need to be submitted to the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Sabbatical and Leave of Absence

Updated August 2014