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Student Spotlight

Featured Student Capri Copp

Capri Copp

Many IUPUI students will recognize Capri Copp from The Spot on JagTV. Copp is a broadcast intern in the Office of Communications and Marketing. In addition to hosting The Spot, she is a writer and reporter. Copp, a Communications Studies major with an English minor, hopes to graduate in December 2010. However, her path was not always so clear.

Past Student Spotlights

Featured Student Maureen Meyer

Maureen Meyer

Maureen Meyer walks into the second-floor Cavanaugh lobby, which is full of students with philosophy texts and writing handouts, and immediately stands out with her long blond dreadlocks and red and gold cat-eye glasses. Contrary to what many people expect of a student who sports dreads, Maureen is wearing tailored plaid slacks and an understated sweater and jacket.

Featured Student Aaron Burgess

Aaron Burgess

After a seven-year sabbatical from school, Senior Aaron Burgess decided he had, "sold himself short." Now, close to graduating, Aaron finds it difficult to imagine he ever could have been a professional pizza boy. In addition to his studies as a Geography major, Aaron works 24 hours a week as a research analyst for Simon Property Group. And his hard work is paying off - Aaron was chosen to receive the Geography Department's Alumni New Major Award.

Featured Student Adam Kelm

Adam Kelm

What began as a class project resulted in two awards for Adam Kelm, whose short story "The Bust-Up" was recognized not once but twice in 2008. He is an English major and art history minor, so when his instructor, Terry Kirts, gave him a photo to use as a prompt to inspire his story, Kelm was happy to art and writing into one project. The product was a heart-breaking story of twin sisters, the man who came between them, and the threat of a storm brewing.

Featured Student Eric Bilodeau

Eric Bilodeau

Age is not just a number for 19 year old Eric Bilodeau. It is a numeric symbol of achievement. He says moving to the United States from Canada at the age of 16 and his IUPUI education are helping him move closer to his goal of becoming a high profile political figure.

Featured Student Karen Mitchell

Karen Mitchell

"Reading and writing are the things I love to do most," says IUPUI sophomore, Karen Mitchell, who tackled encyclopedias before she tackled kindergarten. So began a love affair with words for this 2007 and 2008 winner of the Rebecca E. Pitts Creative Writing Award for Poetry.

Featured Student Ashley Mack

Ashley Mack

Ashley Mack was born to write. "I spent a lot of time when I was younger not focusing on school but I would read like crazy," the IUPUI senior English and African-American Diaspora major remembers. "I would sit in classes and as the teacher was talking I would write stories in my notebook."

Featured Student Brian Young

Brian Young

When Brian was as young as thirteen, he took a computer programming class at an IUPUI summer camp. A camp counselor told him about the campus' SPAN program through which students get dual credit for high school and college while completing courses at the university.

Featured Student Kevin Combs

Kevin Combs

A two-time recipient of the Liberal Arts Dean's Scholarship and a Liberal Arts Student Ambassador, Kevin Combs' eyes spark with interest when the past comes up.

Featured Student Miranda Martinez Cruz

Miranda Martinez-Cruz

Some dream of going to college in small town America. Not Miranda Martinez-Cruz. She envisioned herself pounding the pavement in a diverse city, connecting with the community, and thriving in a "big campus atmosphere."

Featured Student Sarah Babb

Sarah Babb

Listening to Sarah Babb might make one wonder, "What was I doing with my time in college?"