Graduate Curriculum

The Graduate Curriculum Committee will be responsible for the curricula of graduate programs in the School of Liberal Arts. The Committee will receive proposals for graduate degrees or certificates to be offered in the School of Liberal Arts and for courses that are to be added to or dropped from existing graduate curricula or that are to be significantly revised. After its review, the Graduate Curriculum Committee will present proposals for new or significantly revised graduate degrees or certificates to the Faculty Assembly for approval.

The committee will be composed of six members: one faculty member who is a representative of the School of Liberal Arts on the IU Graduate Council, three faculty members who are members of the IU Graduate Faculty, a designated Agenda Council representative, and a non-voting School administrative officer designated by the Dean.

Committee Members, 2017-18

Aniruddha (Rudy) Banerjee (‘19)
Associate Professor of Geography
Carrie Foote (‘18)**CHAIR**
Associate Professor of Sociology
E-mail: foote@iupui.edu
Katharine Head (‘19)
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
E-mail: headkj@iupui.edu
Julie White (‘18)
Assistant Professor of American Sign Language for World Languages and Cultures        
E-mail: whitejul@iupui.edu     
Kristina Kay Horn Sheeler, SLA Admin (non-voting)
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Professor of Communication Studies
E-mail: ksheeler@iupui.edu


Carly Schall
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Agenda Council Representative
E-mail: cschall@iupui.edu

Meeting Dates, 2017-18

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Date Time Room 

An online Course Approval System is available to request a new course or request a course change. This system allows a faculty member or other approved academic unit official to submit a request online which will then route to designated individuals as part of a workflow process. Once the request has been approved at all levels, the course request will be posted to the All University Course Remonstrance list on the 1st day of the upcoming month; the current course list will be available for review until the end of the month. Objections to any proposed courses should be raised following the Course Remonstrance process.

Initiate a new course request or request a course change (from Onestart):

  • Faculty Users: Log into Onestart.  Services > Faculty Systems > Curriculum Management (content area) > Initiate New Course/Change Course Request
  • Approved Administrative Users: Log into Onestart.  Services > Administrative Systems > SIS > SIS Admin eForms > Initiate New Course/Change Course Request
  • The course request form should be self-explanatory but complete detail about the form and the course remonstrance process can be found here.



Previous Committees

  • 2016-2017:
    Carrie Foote-Chair; Katharine Head; Chris Lamb; Julie White; Carly Schall-Agenda Council Rep.; Kristina Horn Sheeler, SLA Admin
  • 2015-2016:
    Carrie Foote-Chair; Katharine Head; Chris Lamb; Henry Mak; Jennifer Juiliano-Agenda Council Rep.; Kristina Horn Sheeler, SLA Admin
  • 2014-2015:
    Carrie Foote-Chair; Catherine Dobris; Henry Mak; John McCormick;Nancy Robertson-Agenda Council Rep.;Thomas J. Davis, SLA Admin
  • 2013-2014:
    Carrie Foote-Chair; Catherine Dobris; John McCormick; John Tilley; Elee Wood-Agenda Council Rep.;Thomas J. Davis, SLA Admin
  • 2012-2013:
    Jane Schultz-Chair (fall); Robert Aponte-Chair (spring); Audrey Gertz; Kristy Sheeler; Ye Zhang; Rachel Wheeler-Agenda Council Rep.; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2011-2012:
    Kevin Cramer-Chair, Jack Kaufman McGivigan, Audrey Gertz, Jane Schultz, Kristy Sheeler, Modupe Labode-Agenda Council Rep., Margaret Ferguson (Fall 2011) and Marianne Wokeck (Spring 2012)-SLA Admin
  • 2010-2011:
    Rosa Rezanos-Pinto-Chair, Paul Carlin, Liz Kryder Reid, Kevin Cramer, Jack Kaufman-McKivigan, Linda Haas-Agenda Council Rep., Marianne Wokeck (Fall 2010) and Enrica Ardemagni (Spring 2011)-SLA Admin
  • 2009-2010:
    Carrie Foote-Chair, Kristy Sheeler, Paul Carlin, Liz Kryder-Reid, Marta Anton-Agenda Council Rep., Marianne Wokeck-SLA Admin
  • 2008-2009:
    Kevin Cramer, Carrie Foote, Tim Lyons, Kristi Sheeler, Marta Anton-Agenda Council Rep., Marianne Wokeck-SLA Admin
  • 2007-2008:
    Susan Hyatt-Chair, Peg Brand, Didier Gondola, Robert Rebein, David Weiden, Brian Vargas-Agenda Council Rep., Marianne Wokeck-SLA Admin.
  • 2006-2007:
    Nancy Robertson, Dwight Burlingame, Susan Hyatt, Tim Lyons, John Parrish-Sprowl, Robert Rebein, Brian Vargas, David Ford, SLA Admin, Marianne Wokeck, IU Graduate Council
  • 2005-2006:
    Marta Anton; Tim Lyons; John Parrish-Sprowl, Chair; Nancy Robertson; William Blomquist; David Ford, SLA Admin
  • 2004-2005:
    Ain Haas, I.U. Graduate Council Member, Chair; Marta Anton; Bob Barrows; Robert Rebein; Bill Blomquist, Agenda Council Rep; David Ford, SLA Admin
  • 2003-2004:
    Bob Barrows, Chair; Phil Goff; Liz Kryder-Reid; Ain Haas, I.U. Graduate Council Member & Agenda Council Ex Officio; Bill Schneider, SLA Admin
  • 2002-2003:
    Bob Barrows; Phil Goff; Liz Kryder-Reid; Ain Haas; Bill Schneider, Ex Officio
  • 2001-2002
  • 2000-2001
  • 1999-2000



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