Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Affairs Committee will consider questions and cases concerning conditions of faculty employment, professional conduct, professional rights and responsibilities, student complaints against faculty, and designated School of Liberal Arts awards.

The Committee will consist of seven members: five faculty, a designated Agenda Council representative, and a non-voting School administrative officer designated by the Dean. By majority vote of committee members, the School officer may be excused from certain committee deliberations.

Committee Members, 2017-18

David Craig (‘19)
Professor of Religious Studies
Susan Hyatt (‘18) **CONVENER**
Professor of Anthropology
Amira Mashhour (‘19)
Senior Lecturer for World Languages and Cultures
Robert White (‘19)
Professor of Sociology
Kristine Brunovska Karmick (‘19)
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
E-mail: kkarnick@iupui.edu 

Rebecca Shrum
Assistant Professor of History
Agenda Council Representative
Thomas A. Upton, SLA Admin  (non-voting)
Professor of English
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
E-mail: tupton@iupui.edu

Previous Committees

  • 2016-2017:
    Emily Beckman; Sumedha Gupta; Susan Hyatt; Leslie Miller; John R. Kaufman-McKivigan; Thorsten Carstensen-Agenda Council Rep.; Thomas A. Upton, SLA Admin
  • 2015-2016:
    Marta Antón; Emily Beckman; Sumedha Gupta; Leslie Miller; John R. Kaufman-McKivigan; Dennis Bingham-Agenda Council Rep.; Thomas A. Upton, SLA Admin
  • 2014-2015:
    Wan-Ning Bao; Chad Carmichael; Marta Anton; Jonathan Rossing; Leslie Miller; Dennis Bingham; Thomas A. Upton, SLA Admin
  • 2013-2014:
    Bao, Wan-Ning; Chad Carmichael; Jack Kaufman-McKivigan, Chair; Jonathan Rossing; Miller, Leslie; Wheeler, Rachel; Thomas A. Upton, SLA Admin
  • 2012-2013:
    Gabrielle Bersier, Chair; Jack Kaufman-McKivigan; Lynn Pike; Jonathan Rossing; Susan Shepherd; Thomas Upton; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2011-2012:
    Ben Van Wyke, Chair; Gabrielle Bersier; Lynn Pike; Jonathan Rossing; Susan Shepherd; Linda Haas; Margaret Ferguson (Fall 11) and Marianne Wokeck (Spring 12), SLA Admin 
  • 2010-2011:
    Patricia Wittberg, Chair; Ben Van Wyke; David Craig; Jason Kelly; Scott Pegg; Rachel Wheeler; Jan DeWester; Marianne Wokeck (Fall 10) and Enrica Ardemagni (Spring 11), SLA Admin
  • 2009-2010:
    Patricia Wittberg, Chair; Marc Bilodeau; David Craig; Jason Kelly; Scott Pegg; Rachel Wheeler; Robin Condon (spring 2010); Jan DeWester; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2008-2009:
    John McKivigan, Chair; Marc Bilodeau; David Craig;  Rosa Tezanos-Pinto; Susan Shepherd; Brian Vargus; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2007-2008:
    John McKivigan, Chair; Marc Bilodeau; Michael Burke;  Mike Polites; Rosa Tezanos-Pinto; Susan Shepherd; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2006-2007:
    Dennis Bingham, Chair; Wan-Ning Boa; Michael Burke; John McKivigan; Mike Polites; Marc Bilodeau; Marianne Wokeck, SLA Admin
  • 2005-2006:
    Dennis Bingham; Subir Chakrabarti; Jason Eberl; Maureen Minielli; Suzanne Steinmetz; Robert Sutton, Agenda Council Rep; Catherine Souch, SLA Admin
  • 2004-2005:
    Mary Trotter, Chair; Subir Chakrabarti; Jason Eberl; Linda Haas; Maureen Minielli; Susan Sutton, Agenda Council Rep; Catherine Souch, SLA Admin
  • 2003-2004:
    Herb Brant, Co-chair ; Mary Trotter, Co-chair ; Kevin Cramer; Thomas Fedor; Linda Haas; Susan Sutton, Ex Officio; Catherine Souch, SLA Admin
  • 2002-2003:
    Herb Brant; Kevin Cramer; Thomas Fedor; Martin Spechler; Wanda Worley; David Ford, Ex Officio; Catherine Souch, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts
  • 2001-2002
  • 2000-2001:
    Wan-Ning Bao; Margaret Ferguson; Didier Gondola; John Tilley; Richard Turner; Marianne Wokeck, Ex Officio; Robert White, SLA Admin
  • 1999-2000



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