You can contact the English Department at

IUPUI English Department
425 University Blvd.
Cavanaugh Hall 502L
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-1103
Fax: 317-278-1287

Wanda Colwell specializes in:

  • Assisting the department chair
  • Accounting for department finances: All of the department accounts including the foundation accounts; any invoices; hourly employees, student hourly employees, work-study employees; vendors; additional pay for faculty; accounting; purchasing; travel; grants; paying the student awards; fee remission for grad students
  • Maintaining copier in CA 512

Contact:  O - CA 502M | P - 317-274-9841 | E -

Melanie Curfman specializes in:

  • Scheduling English department classes
  • Providing support for EAP
  • Arranging English department faculty stipends
  • Handling paperwork for all part-time hires
  • Facilitating the work of the Search and Screen Committees

Contact:  O - CA 341 | P - 317-274-2188 | E -

Thomas Gonyea specializes in:          

  • Providing support for the students in the graduate MA, TESOL Certificate and Certificate in Teaching Writing programs.
  • Processing all applications from inception to matriculation for all graduate programs.
  • Maintaining all records, including databases and student files, for the Graduate programs and tacking all aspects of the programs and students from start to finish.
  • Ordering class numbers for Graduate independent studies.
  • Maintaining Graduate ListServs for MA, TESOL Certificate and Certificate in Teaching Writing.
  • Maintaining and ordering supplies
  • Organizing mailboxes and mail-related issues
  • Maintaining printers and department faxes
  • Maintaining bulletin boards
  • Assisting with organizing and supervising work studies
  • Assisting with promotion /tenure processes
  • Assisting with FAR processes
  • Organizing FAR materials
  • Handling student evaluation processes for non-writing program classes                 

Contact:  O - CA 502L | P - 317-274-2258

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