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In the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, and some of the other schools on campus, part-time faculty who are paid by the course and teach on a semester-by-semester basis are called Associate Faculty. The Writing Program depends on associate faculty, who bring disciplinary knowledge, teaching experience, and professional expertise. 


Writing Program associate faculty have been instrumental in forming and building the Associate Faculty Coalition, whose mission is to gain visibility and respect and to improve working conditions for associate faculty at IUPUI. The Coalition formed in the fall 2009 semester (as the Associate Faculty Advisory Board) to help and represent associate faculty in the School of Liberal Arts. We expanded in fall 2010 to help part-time faculty across campus. We are composed of several part-time faculty as voting board members, full-time faculty allies, part-time and full-time faculty liaisons for various departments and schools, plus others who join as members.


Associate faculty are encouraged to join the Coalition. The Writing Coordinating Committee assures its associate faculty that we support their involvement in this Coalition, and that their involvement will in no way jeopardize their teaching assignments with the program. In fact, the Director of Writing is an advisor to the Coalition. 



What do we do?

The AFC’s goal is to improve working conditions and the culture surrounding part-time faculty at IUPUI. Our initiatives relate to pay, benefits, office space, professional development, communication, faculty governance, and more. These are major issues; resolving them and improving the culture will take time and a loud and collective voice. Only with large numbers of members will that voice be heard.



Whom do we represent?

The Coalition represents "part-time" faculty at IUPUI. We realize the designation of "part-time" is confusing because IUPUI uses several different titles for us. In the School of Liberal Arts, part-time faculty are called Associate Faculty. We are paid by the course, get our course assignments on a semester-by-semester basis, and receive no benefits. Your situation and title may be different, and while we have extracted a lot of data about our numbers and have a list of about 900 "part-time" faculty, we need your help in identifying all of us.


Membership is open to all faculty, staff, and students who believe in the Coalition’s mission of achieving equity for part-time faculty at IUPUI. You may join and do no more than add your name to show your support. Or you may get more involved by becoming a board member, serving on a committee, or participating in one of our planned initiatives this year. Membership information is not shared with anyone outside of the Coalition.


More information about the Coalition can be found here. To join, download a membership form and return it to a member of the Coalition.


Although many people believe that solidarity and group action are the best routes to improved working conditions for all faculty, individual faculty are welcome to discuss their concerns with their program Director, department Chair, school Dean, or any other campus administrator or office. The Coalition makes itself available to part-time faculty who wish to address working condition issues with an administrator by accompanying the part-time faculty to meetings where issues are discussed. While we acknowledge we lack authority to ensure the part-time faculty’s issue is resolved equitably, our support will present a stronger front to administrators and can make it easier to bring issues to their attention.



What has the Associate Faculty Coalition done?

Since we launched as a group within the School of Liberal Arts, most of our initiatives to date have been focused there. Now that we’ve expanded to include all part-time faculty at IUPUI, we plan to work on related issues and conduct similar awareness-raising campaigns across campus. Please use the list below as a guide to what we would like to do for associate faculty across campus. We realize part-time faculty in other schools on campus will have different issues and we’d like to know what they are.



Where else can Associate Faculty access resources?

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides additional support to associate faculty, primarily by providing professional development workshops and consulting.


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