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    Teaching English as a Second Language

    TESOL as a Global Need

    TESOL is an exciting, in-demand and interdisciplinary field, with nearly endless job opportunities around the world. TESOL graduates can find employment both domestically but most readily internationally as teachers, administrators, materials developers, editors, cultural liaisons, and language program directors. They work in such diverse settings as schools, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, community and faith-based centers, and international businesses.

    Why IUPUI?

    Our faculty are internationally recognized, award-winning scholars whose areas of expertise span an impressive array of disciplines, including:

    In addition, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, which provides English for academic purposes instruction to IUPUI students, and the Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC), an internationally recognized research center that also offers English for specific purposes programs, are both housed on the IUPUI campus. ELS Language Centers also has a site at IUPUI. Along with many community-based operations (e.g., Literacy Volunteers), there are many opportunities to gain experience in TESOL as a student at IUPUI.


    TESOL Contact Information

    Department of English
    IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI
    502L Cavanaugh Hall
    425 University Boulevard
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    Phone: 317.274.2258

    Prof. Julie A. Belz
    Director, TESOL Certificate