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Emeritus/Retired (WLAC)

Janet W Acevedo (Retired)

[Photo]: Janet W Acevedo

Campus Address: CA 421A
Phone: 317-274-4025 (Office)
Fax: (317)278-7375
Appointments: Director and Lecturer, ASL/English Interpreting Program
Academic Interests: American Sign Language
English as a Second Language
English for Academic Purposes
Sign Language Interpreting

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Enrica J. Ardemagni (Retired)

[Photo]: Enrica J. Ardemagni

Campus Address: CA 502G
Phone: 317-274-8957
Fax: (317)278-7375
Appointments: Professor Emerita of Spanish; Director of Graduate Studies and Certificate in Translation Studies Program; Senior Faculty, University College; Adjunct Professor, IU School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine
Academic Interests: Medieval literature; Spanish for business, health and law; Translation studies; Interpreting; Online Teaching and Learning.
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Clayton Baker (Retired)

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Academic Interests: Spanish language and composition, foreign language pedagogy, teaching foreign language to the adult learner
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John D. Barlow (Retired)

[Photo]: John D. Barlow

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of English and German
Adjunct Professor of Philanthropic Studies, Women's Studies, and Communication Studies
Dean Emeritus of the School of Liberal Arts
Academic Interests: Literature and the arts in the 20th century, translation, philanthropy and literature
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James G. Beaudry (Retired)

[Photo]: James G. Beaudry

Appointments: Assistant Professor Emeritus of French
Academic Interests: The "Essais" of Montaigne, and French-speaking Canadian literature and civilization
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Leon H. Bourke (Retired)

[Photo]: Leon H. Bourke

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of French
Founder, I.U. Dijon Academic Summer Program, Dijon, France.
Started the Latin program at IUPUI.
Academic Interests: Nineteenth and twentieth-century French literature, the French Revolution, and methodology of teaching languages, Latin and French translation.
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Giles R. Hoyt (Retired)

[Photo]: Giles R. Hoyt

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of German and Philanthopic Studies
Director Emeritus of the IUPUI Max Kade German-American Research and Resource Center
Academic Interests: Early modern German literature and language, German culture studies and German-American studies
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Lucila InĂ©s Mena (Retired)

Appointments: Associate Professor Emerita of Spanish
Academic Interests: all aspects of language teaching, modern Latin American prose, Latin American culture and civilization, and Hispanic Art
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Nancy A. Newton (Retired)

[Photo]: Nancy A. Newton

Appointments: Associate Professor Emerita of Spanish and Adjunct Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Director of Graduate Studies in Spanish; Chair of Spanish Department 1991-97
Resident Director of Indiana-Purdue-Wisconsin Program in Madrid 1986-1987; Resident Director of Indiana University Summer Program in Salamanca multiple times.
Academic Interests: modern Spanish and Latin American literature, feminist theory and literary practice, orality, literacy, and the creation of "voice"; women writers in the Spanish-speaking world; literature and art of Hispanic artists in the U.S.; the teaching of literature and culture.
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Larbi Oukada (Retired)

[Photo]: Larbi Oukada

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of French
Adjunct Professor of Education
Director of Strasbourg Summer Program
Academic Interests: International Eduation, French linguistics, pedagogy, French grammar, and curricular and methodological issues
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Harry S. Reichelt (Retired)

Appointments: Associate Professor of German
Academic Interests: eighteenth and nineteenth-century German literature, didactic literature (especially fables), all levels of German language,business German, and computer-assisted instruction
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Robert F. Sutton, Jr. (Retired)

[Photo]: Robert F. Sutton, Jr.

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Program
Academic Interests: classical art and archaeology, ancient Greek and Roman civilization, ancient Greek language and literature, Greek history, iconography, Greek ceramics and painting, archaeological surface survey and excavation, social history and gender studies
Teaching: Classical Archaeology, Art & Archaeology of Greece, Art & Archaeology of Rome, Myth & Reality in Greek Art, Greek History, Golden Age of Athens, Discover an Ancient Polis: Ancient Greece on Site (taught in Greece), Classical Mythology
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Rosalie A. Vermette (Retired)

[Photo]: Rosalie A. Vermette

Appointments: Professor Emerita of French and Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies
Founding faculty member of University College
Academic Interests: French culture and civilization, medieval French language and literature, general French language and literature, and first-year experience courses
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Reiko Yonogi (Retired)

[Photo]: Reiko Yonogi

Campus Address: CA 501C
Phone: 317-274-8291
Appointments: Professor Emeritus of Japanese Studies
Academic Interests: modern Japanese fiction, East-West comparative literature, Japanese language and culture
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