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Office of Faculty Affairs

Thomas A. Upton (Associate Dean)

[Photo]: Thomas A. Upton

Campus Address: CA 441D
Phone: 317-274-4226
Fax: (317)278-2525
Email: tupton@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Director, Program for Intensive English
Professor of English

Academic Interests: Teaching English as a Second Language, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, corpus linguistics, second language reading, discourse analysis, English for academic and specific purposes, intensive English instruction
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Candice L Smith (Coordinator)

[Photo]: Candice L Smith

Campus Address: CA 441
Phone: 317-274-8305
Fax: (317)278-2525
Email: canlsmit@iupui.edu
Appointments: Academic Coordinator; Principal Secretary for Thomas A. Upton, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Kristina Horn Sheeler, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs; and Administrative Assistant for Jeffrey S. Wilson, Associate Dean for Research.
Academic Interests: Religion, History, Genealogy, Politics, Historic Preservation
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