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Susan C. Shepherd (Director)

[Photo]: Susan C. Shepherd

Campus Address: CA 501U
Phone: 317-274-0090
Email: sshephe@iupui.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of English
Academic Interests: Sociolinguistics; language rights, minority languages, and access to healthcare in Kenya; language and oppression, especially with regard to Black English, Deaf communities, pidgins and creoles, and issues of gender; language and culture; the history of English; child language acquisition
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Robert F. Sutton, Jr. (Retired)

[Photo]: Robert F. Sutton, Jr.

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Program
Academic Interests: classical art and archaeology, ancient Greek and Roman civilization, ancient Greek language and literature, Greek history, iconography, Greek ceramics and painting, archaeological surface survey and excavation, social history and gender studies
Teaching: Classical Archaeology, Art & Archaeology of Greece, Art & Archaeology of Rome, Myth & Reality in Greek Art, Greek History, Golden Age of Athens, Discover an Ancient Polis: Ancient Greece on Site (taught in Greece), Classical Mythology
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