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General Studies

Ronald M. Sandwina (Director)

[Photo]: Ronald M. Sandwina

Campus Address: CA 307E
Phone: 317-278-3158
Email: rsandwin@iupui.edu
Appointments: General Studies Program Director
Academic Interests: Interests include intergroup dialogue and developing communication-centered approaches to achieving student persistence and success.
Teaching: Courses taught include, among others, Communication and Conflict, Research Methods, and Organizational Communication.
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Sherry K Hutchens (Program Recorder)

[Photo]: Sherry K Hutchens

Campus Address: Walker Plaza 130
Phone: 317-274-5047
Email: scarter@iupui.edu
Appointments: Program Recorder
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Alice A Hardy (Administrative Assistant)

[Photo]: Alice A Hardy

Campus Address: CA 327
Phone: 317-274-8741
Fax: (317)278-2525
Email: alicsmit@iupui.edu
Appointments: Africana Studies,General Studies and Olaniyan Scholars Program Sr. Administrative Secretary
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Desiree Ann Jaynes (Academic Advisor)

[Photo]: Desiree Ann Jaynes

Campus Address: WalkerPlaza 130
Phone: 317-278-7600
Email: desjayne@iupui.edu
Appointments: Student Success Coach and Internship Coordinator
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Kelsey Moriah Cox

Campus Address: IP241
Phone: 317-274-5510
Email: kelscox@iupui.edu
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Timothy Michael Lankford

Campus Address: WalkerPlazaRM130
Phone: 317-274-5974
Email: tmlankfo@iupui.edu
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