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Emeritus/Retired (ENG)

Barbara L. Cambridge (Retired)

[Photo]: Barbara L. Cambridge

Phone: 217-328-3870
Appointments: Professor of English
Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies and Education
Associate Dean of Faculties
Academic Interests: The scholarship of teaching and learning, assessment of student learning,
electronic portfolios-student, faculty, institutional, and organizing campuses for change
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Kenneth W. Davis (Retired)

[Photo]: Kenneth W. Davis

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of English
Academic Interests: Business communication, especially business writing and international business communication; editing; story-based pedagogy; Shakespeare; modernist British literature, especially Joyce; systems, complexity, and chaos theories and their application to literature.
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Aye-Nu Elizabeth Duerksen (Retired)

[Photo]: Aye-Nu Elizabeth Duerksen

Campus Address: CA 341 F
Phone: 317-278-2424
Appointments: Associate Director, English for Academic Purposes Program
Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Coordinator,EAP Communication Skills Courses.
Academic Interests: TESOL (EFL, ESL, EAP, ESP), Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Corpus linguistics, ITA training and development, CALL, Distance Learning, E-Assessment and South East Asian Linguistics.
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Sharon J. Hamilton (Retired)

[Photo]: Sharon J. Hamilton

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of English
Past Associate Dean of the Faculties
Former Director of FACET (Indiana University Faculty Colloquium for Excellence in Teaching)
Founding Director of the Center on Integrating Learning at IUPUI
Academic Interests: Electronic portfolios (institutional, student, faculty);
Learning communities and communities of practice;
the scholarship of teaching and learning;
collaborative learning;
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Karen Ramsay Johnson (Retired)

[Photo]: Karen Ramsay Johnson

Campus Address: CA 502L
Phone: 317-274-3824
Appointments: Associate Professor of English
Adjunct Associate Professor of Women's Studies and American Studies
Academic Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature, Southern literature, postcolonial literature, literature of South Africa and India, literature in social and historical context
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William M. Plater (Retired)

[Photo]: William M. Plater

Campus Address: 334 N. Senate Suite 300
Phone: 317-261-3000
Appointments: Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of English
Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties Emeritus, IUPUI
Academic Interests: contemporary American fiction, the humanities and advanced technologies, administration of higher education, and excellence in higher education
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Mary Jo Pride (Retired)

[Photo]: Mary Jo Pride

Campus Address: CA 408
Phone: 317-274-1046
Appointments: Lecturer in English (Retired)
Academic Interests: research writing, writing at the freshman level
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Mary Sauer (Retired)

[Photo]: Mary Sauer

Appointments: Senior Lecturer in English Emeritus
Academic Interests: developmental writing, freshman writing, writing with computers, curriculum development for core writing courses,pedagogical applications for writing with computers, instructor orientation, and the reading-writing connection
Teaching: Retired
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Helen J. Schwartz (Retired)

[Photo]: Helen J. Schwartz

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of English
Academic Interests: computer-mediated writing, Shakespeare, reading-writing theory, and use of computers in writing (specifically with electronic mail and hypertext)
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Judith (Judy) Ann Spector (Retired)

[Photo]: Judith (Judy) Ann Spector

Campus Address: CO 162A
Phone: 812-348-7213
Appointments: Professor Emerita, English (IUPU Columbus)
Academic Interests: literature and psychology, and language and psychology (psychoanalytic interpretation of texts, gender studies,computer-assisted learning, concepts of narrative identity)
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Richard C. Turner (Retired)

[Photo]: Richard C. Turner

Appointments: Professor Emeritus of English and Philanthropic Studies
Chair of Philanthropic Studies Faculty
Academic Interests: Restoration and eighteenth-century English literature, literary criticism and theory, the teaching of literature, literature and science, and philanthropic studies
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Anne C. Williams (Retired)

[Photo]: Anne C. Williams

Campus Address: CA 504Q
Phone: 317-274-0089
Appointments: Professor Emeritus in English
Academic Interests: first-year writing courses, fiction, creative non-fiction, and research writing
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Associate Faculty ( Emeritus/Retired (ENG) )

Jim Powell (Retired)

[Photo]: Jim  Powell

Campus Address: CA502L
Appointments: Senior Lecturer Emeritus in English
Academic Interests: include writing fiction, Indiana literature, contemporary fiction.
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