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Creative Writing

Mitchell L. H. Douglas

[Photo]: Mitchell L. H.  Douglas

Campus Address: CA503V
Phone: 317-278-0421
Email: mildougl@indiana.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Literature
Department of English
Academic Interests: Black Arts Movement, ethnic poetry collectives, art for social change
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Hannah J. Haas

[Photo]: Hannah J. Haas

Campus Address: CA 343B
Phone: 317-278-8582
Email: hhaas@iupui.edu
Appointments: Lecturer
Academic Interests: Composition, Literature, Creative Writing
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Terry Alan Kirts

[Photo]: Terry Alan Kirts

Campus Address: CA 502Q
Phone: 317-274-8929
Email: tkirts@iupui.edu
Appointments: Senior Lecturer in English
Academic Interests: Creative writing, 20th Century American poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction
Teaching: General creative writing; poetry; creative nonfiction
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Karen Kovacik

[Photo]: Karen Kovacik

Campus Address: CA 503U
Phone: 317-274-9831
Email: kkovacik@iupui.edu
Appointments: Professor of English
Director of Graduate Studies
Academic Interests: contemporary American poetry, history of the lyric, working-class poetry, literary translation, and creative writing
Teaching: I regularly teach poetry writing classes at all levels as well as seminars in twentieth-century American poetry.
[Icon]: Website http://karenkovacik.net Website
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Sarah Layden

[Photo]: Sarah Layden

Campus Address: CA 504K
Phone: 317-274-0089
Email: salayden@iupui.edu
Appointments: Lecturer of English

Academic Interests: Creative writing, literary publishing, composition, literature, first-year success
[Icon]: Website www.sarahlayden.com Website
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Kyle Minor

[Photo]: Kyle  Minor

Campus Address: CA504Q
Phone: 317-278-2258
Email: minork@iupui.edu
Appointments: Assistant Professor of English
Academic Interests: Fiction Writing, Narrative Nonfiction, The Essay, Poetry, Screenwriting, Playwriting, 20th and 21st Century American Literature, Haitian Diasporic Literature, Southern Literature
Teaching: IUPUI: Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Literary Editing & Publishing Previous Teaching at Ohio State, Antioch, and Capital Universities and the University of Toledo: Fiction Writing, Nonfiction Writing, Poetry, Hybrid and Introductory Workshops, Genre Fiction, Writing about Sports, Writing about Film, 20th Century Literature, Seminar in Point of View, Composition, Writing about Literature, Reading Fiction, Reading Drama.
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Robert Rebein

[Photo]: Robert Rebein

Campus Address: CA 501S
Phone: 317-274-1405
Email: rrebein@iupui.edu
Appointments: Professor and Chair of English
Academic Interests: Creative writing (fiction, creative nonfiction), contemporary American fiction, and twentieth-century American literature
Teaching: ENG W206 Introduction to Creative Writing ENG W301 Writing Fiction ENG W305 Writing Creative Nonfiction ENG W401 Advanced Fiction Writing ENG W407 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing ENG W511 Graduate Fiction Writing ENG W615 Graduate Creative Nonfiction Writing
[Icon]: Website www.robertrebein.com Website
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J.J. Stenzoski

[Photo]: J.J. Stenzoski

Campus Address: CA 343A
Phone: 317-278-5709
Email: jstenzos@iupui.edu
Appointments: Lecturer in English
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