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IUPU Columbus

Megan Chaille (Undergraduate Advisor)

Campus Address: CC 156D
Phone: 812-348-7318
Email: mechaill@iupui.edu
Appointments: Academic Advisor and Adaptive Educational Services Coordinator
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Lewis Dibble

Campus Address: CO 123
Phone: 812-348-7209
Email: ldibble@indiana.edu
Appointments: Lecturer in English (IUPU Columbus)
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Douglas Gibson Gardner

Campus Address: RC 100
Phone: 812-348-7206
Email: dggardne@iupui.edu
Appointments: Lecturer in History, Indiana University-Purdue University ColumbusCoordinator in History, Indiana University Division of Liberal Arts, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus
[Icon]: Website http://www.iupuc.edu/academics/programs/history.asp Website
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Julie E. Goodspeed-Chadwick

Campus Address: 4601 Central Ave, Columbus IN
Phone: 812-348-7270
Email: juligood@iupuc.edu
Appointments: Associate Professor, English and Women's Studies
Director, Office of Student Research,
(IU School of Liberal Arts, IUPU Columbus Division)
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Teaching: American Literature (1914 to the present)
Studies in Women and Literature and Feminist Theory
Trauma Studies, Women’s Studies, and Literary Studies
Literary Interpretation
Introduction to Poetry
Modern and Contemporary Poetry
Introduction to Fiction
Novels and Short Stories
Literary Theory
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Argumentative Writing
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Judith (Judy) Ann Spector (Retired)

[Photo]: Judith (Judy) Ann Spector

Campus Address: CO 162A
Phone: 812-348-7213
Appointments: Professor Emerita, English (IUPU Columbus)
Academic Interests: literature and psychology, and language and psychology (psychoanalytic interpretation of texts, gender studies,computer-assisted learning, concepts of narrative identity)
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Katherine V. Wills (Tsiopos)

[Photo]: Katherine V. Wills (Tsiopos)

Campus Address: 4601 Central Ave. CC 155
Phone: 812-348-7215
Fax: (812)348-7370
Email: kwills@iupuc.edu
Appointments: Assistant Professor in English (IUPUC)
Academic Interests: Trained in composition and rhetoric, I integrate multi-modal writing and technology in my teaching and research. Writing is no longer limited to linear alphanumeric books and flat texts. Rather, effective rhetorical writing entails a postmodern pastiche of technological and cultural applications such as graphics, song lyrics, creative writing, technical graphics, cultural studies, interactive linkages, social networking, blogs, videos, and more. I examine how these multimodal forms are incorporated into writing in business communication, technical documents, composition, and cross-disciplinary texts.
Teaching: Courses Taught • E450 English Capstone • W411 Directed Writing • W400 Issues in the Teaching of Writing • W398 Writing Center Internship • W350 Advanced Expository Writing • W403 Advanced Poetry Writing • W303 Poetry Writing • W301 Fiction Writing • W401 Advanced Fiction Writing • W302 Screenwriting • W208 Introduction to Poetry • W206 Introduction to Creative Writing • W203 Introduction to Drama • W231 Professional Writing with Service Learning • W132 Elementary Composition 2 • W131 Elementary Composition 1 • W130 Principles of Composition • L433 Conversations with Shakespeare • L431 Topics in Literary Study • L220 Introduction to Shakespeare • L115 Literature for Today
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Aimee Zoeller

[Photo]: Aimee  Zoeller

Campus Address: 4601 Central Avenue Columbus, IN
Phone: 812-348-7330
Fax: 812-348-7370
Email: anzoelle@iupuc.edu
Appointments: Lecturer in Sociology
Academic Interests: Gender
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