Office of Student Affairs

Shana Stump (Acting Associate Dean)

[Photo]: Shana  Stump

Campus Address: CA504B
Phone: 317-278-7558
Email: scstump
Appointments: Clinical Assistant Professor of Political Science
Teaching: Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Gender and the Law, Litigation, Legal Writing
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Elee Wood (Associate Dean)

[Photo]: Elee Wood

Campus Address: CA 441E, 425 University Blvd
Phone: 317-274-7332
Email: eljwood
Appointments: Associate Dean for Student Affairs Professor of Museum Studies and Teacher Education Public Scholar of Museums, Families, and Learning, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Academic Interests: museum studies, nonformal and informal learning in community, phenomenology and hermeneutics, object-based learning
Teaching: Understanding Museums (MSTD A101)
Museum Education (MSTD A410, A510)
Museums and Audiences (MSTD A418, A518)
Object-Based Learning (MSTD A511)

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Gauri Bajpai Dronamraju (Assistant Director)

[Photo]: Gauri Bajpai Dronamraju

Campus Address: CA 243 C
Phone: 317-274-2214
Email: gbajpai
Appointments: Career Development Assistant Director
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Amy A. Jones Richardson (Assistant Director of Recruitment, Retention & Academic Services)

[Photo]: Amy A. Jones Richardson

Campus Address: CA 243F
Phone: 317-274-2465
Fax: 317-278-2525
Email: aajones
Appointments: Assistant Director of Recruitment, Retention & Academic Services, Office of Student Affairs Associate, University College
Academic Interests: Higher Education/Student Affairs, Student Retention & Completion of Degree, Student Scholarships, Undergraduate Research, Philanthropy, Co-curricular Programming, Diversity, Resources for Students in Crisis
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Hank Lankford (Assistant Director of Student Records)

[Photo]: Hank Lankford

Campus Address: CA401C
Phone: 317-278-2068
Email: hanklank
Appointments: Assistant Director of Student Records
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Evelyn J Safder (Scholarship Manager)

[Photo]: Evelyn J Safder

Campus Address: CA 243F
Phone: 317-274-2868
Email: esafder
Appointments: Scholarship Manager - Liberal Arts School
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Samantha Lynn Walters (Director of Advising and Student Success)

[Photo]: Samantha Lynn Walters

Campus Address: CA401B
Phone: 317-278-2506
Email: sschwade
Appointments: Director of Advising and Student Success, School of Liberal Arts; Journalism/Public Relations Academic Advisor
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Cassandra Renee Williams (Interim Manager for Recruitment and Retention)

[Photo]: Cassandra Renee Williams

Campus Address: CA 213A
Phone: 317-278-2841
Email: cw206
Appointments: Interim Manager for Recruitment and Retention; Associate Faculty for Africana Studies
Academic Interests: African American, Internet, Society, Digital Divide, Global Age, K-12 Partnerships, School Systems, Cultural Production, Online vs. Offline, Access, Broadband, Intellectual Property
Teaching: Courses Taught: The African American Experience, Women Autobiographies, and Women, Race, Culture and Education, African Americans and the Internet.
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Tiea M Julian (Student Affairs Support Specialist)

[Photo]: Tiea M Julian

Campus Address: CA401
Phone: 317-274-2200
Email: tmjulian
Appointments: Student Affairs Support Specialist
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Tanner Hammock

[Photo]: Tanner Hammock

Campus Address: CA401
Phone: 317-278-7356
Email: tanhammo
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David L Heard

[Photo]: David L Heard

Campus Address: CA243B
Phone: 317-274-8304
Email: daheard
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Kim Heavrin

[Photo]: Kim  Heavrin

Campus Address: CA401
Phone: 317-278-7585
Email: kmatwell
Appointments: Academic Advisor
Teaching: SLA-S 100 (First-year Seminar)
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Shannon L. Kelley

[Photo]: Shannon L. Kelley

Campus Address: CA 402A
Phone: 317-274-8495
Fax: (317)278-2525
Email: kelleysl
Appointments: Academic Advisor, School of Liberal Arts
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Christopher Neal Schumerth

[Photo]: Christopher Neal Schumerth

Campus Address: CA401
Phone: 317-274-2865
Email: cnschume
Appointments: Academic Advisor
Academic Interests: creative nonfiction writing, contemporary American literature, Northern Ireland, race, incarceration policy, conflict
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