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[Photo]: Yuanyuan Xu

Yuanyuan Xu

Campus Address: CA127A
Phone: 317-274-5846
Email: xuyuan@iupui.edu


Visiting Scholar


B.A. Public Administration, 1997, Hubei University (China) M.A. Public Administration, 2000, Hubei University (China) Ph.D. Public Administration, 2006, Sun Yat-Sen University (China)

Academic Interests

Anti-poverty in Rural China Local Government and Regional Public Administration


Yuanyuan Xu (2007). “Anti-poverty in Chinese Country: Objects, Process and Innovation,” Changsha:Central South University Press. Yuanyuan Xu`(2007). “Construction of Administrative Service Centre Based on New Public Service Theory,” Chinese Public Administration,268(10):15-18. Yuanyuan Xu (2007).”On Value Rationality and Instrumental Rationality of MPA Education,” Academic Degrees and Gruaduate Education,178(10),15-19. Yuanyuan Xu, Li Zou (2009). “Institutional predominance and working logic of non-government organization’s anti-poverty in the country,” Economics and Management Research,194(1):125-128. Yuanyuan Xu, Ping Lei (2007). “The ethic idea of New Public Service Theory,” Seeker,180(8):133-134,142. Yuanyuan Xu, Zhongying Su (2007). “Lack of harmonious Idea:the Important Reason of departure of Chinese anti-poverty Collimation,” Guizhou Social Science,209(5):41-45. Yuanyuan Xu, Shengzhen Jiang (2008). “The Ideal Integration of Chinese Anti-poverty Collimation,” Productivity Research,178(17):158-160. Yuanyuan Xu, Xiaofei Li (2008). “The building of Local governmental Cooperation in anti-poverty,” Agricultural Archaeological Studies,97(3):251-253. Yuanyuan Xu, Jing Chen (2010). “Training in the Return of Migrant Workers: a Framework of Governance Theory”, Journal of Central South University: Social Science Edition, 16(2):37-40.

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