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[Photo]: Lynn Blinn Pike

Lynn Blinn Pike

Campus Address: 303 Cavanaugh Hall
Phone: (317)274-8704
Email: pikel@iupui.edu
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Professor of Sociology


B.S. Suny Plattsburgh 1973
M.S. University of Arizona 1978
Ph.D. The Ohio State 1983

Academic Interests

Adolescents, youth at risk, program evaluation, adolescent sexuality, adolescent gambling, mentoring, visual research methods


Visual Sociology” **G “Social Problems” “Sociology of Death and Dying” “Family and Social Policy” “Families and Society”


Society for Research on Adolescence - Handbook of Youth Mentoring selected to receive the Social Policy Best Edited Book Award, 2006.
Invited member of the Groves Conference on Marriage and the Family, 2006 to present.
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Outstanding Achievement Award, Washington, DC, 2003.
Provost’s Award for Outstanding Extension Programming, University of Missouri, 2001.


BOOKS/ARTICLES Blinn-Pike, L., Worthy, S. L., & Jonkman, J. N. (2010). Adolescent Gambling: A Review of an Emerging Field of Research. Journal of Adolescent Health, 47, 223-236. Worthy, S., Jonkman, J., & Blinn-Pike, L. (2010). Sensation-Seeking, Risk-Taking, and Problematic Financial Behaviors of College Students. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 31, 161-171. B. Phillips, D. Thomas, A. Fothergill, & L. Blinn-Pike (Eds). (2009). Social Vulnerability to Disasters. New York: Taylor and Francis. Blinn-Pike, L. (2009). Households and Families. In B. Phillips, D. Thomas, A. Fothergill and L. Blinn-Pike (Eds.), Social Vulnerability to Disasters. New York: Taylor and Francis. Blinn-Pike, L., Worthy, S., Jonkman, J., & Smith, R. (2008). Emerging Adult versus Adult Status among College Students: Examination of Explanatory Variables. Adolescence, 43, 577-591. Blinn-Pike, L., & Worthy, S. (2008). Undergraduate Women Who Have Gambled in Casinos: Are They at Risk? Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, 37, 71-83. Blinn-Pike, L. (2008). Sex Education in Rural Versus Urban High Schools: Perceptions of Rural Educators. Sex Education, 8, 77-93. Blinn-Pike, L., Worthy, S., & Jonkman, J. (2007). Disordered Gambling among College Students: A Meta-Analytic Synthesis. Journal of Gambling Studies, 23, 175-184. Blinn-Pike, L., Reeves, P., & Phillips, B. (2006). "Shelter Life After Hurricane Katrina: A Visual Analysis of Evacuee Perspectives". Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, 24, 303-331.
Britner, P.A., Balcazar, F. E., Blechman, E. A., Blinn-Pike, L, & Larose, S. (2006). "Mentoring Special Youth Populations". Journal of Community Psychology .
Blinn-Pike, L., Berger, T., Hewett, J., & Oleson, J. (2004). "Evaluation of the 'Reducing the Risk' curriculum: 18 Month Follow-Up". Journal of Adolescent Research.
Kowal, A. K., & Blinn-Pike, L. (2004). "Sibling influences on adolescents’ attitudes toward safe sex practices". Family Relations.
Blinn-Pike, L., Berger, T., Dixon, D., Kuschel, D., & Kaplan, M. (2002). "Is There a Causal Link Between Maltreatment and Adolescent Pregnancy? A Literature Review". Family Planning Perspectives.
Blinn-Pike, L., & Mingus, S. (2000). "The Internal Consistency of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory With Adolescent Mothers". Journal of Adolescence.
Blinn-Pike, L., Berger, T., & Rae-Holloway, M.(2000). "Conducting Adolescent Sexuality Research in Schools: Lessons Learned from Evaluating the 'Reducing the Risk' Curriculum". Family Planning Perspectives.


School of Liberal Arts Promotion and tenure Committee 2009-2011 IUPUI Campus IRB Reviewer 2007 to 2012
National Council on Family Relations, Conference Proposal Referee, February 2005 to present National Council on Family Relations, Elections Council member, 2003 to 2005.
USDA’s National Extension Family Life Educators Coordinating Committee, 2001.
USDA BAPPS National Coordinating Committee, 2000 to present.
National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention (Executive Board Member 1998-2001).
National Council on Family Relations, Family Life Education Certification Committee, 1995-1998 (Chair 1996-1997).

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