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[Photo]: Nancy A. Newton

Nancy A. Newton (Retired)


Associate Professor Emerita of Spanish and Adjunct Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Director of Graduate Studies in Spanish; Chair of Spanish Department 1991-97
Resident Director of Indiana-Purdue-Wisconsin Program in Madrid 1986-1987; Resident Director of Indiana University Summer Program in Salamanca multiple times.


B.A. Baylor University 1967
M.A. Cornell University 1968
Ph.D. 1972

Academic Interests

modern Spanish and Latin American literature, feminist theory and literary practice, orality, literacy, and the creation of "voice"; women writers in the Spanish-speaking world; literature and art of Hispanic artists in the U.S.; the teaching of literature and culture.


articles on Antonio Machado and Benito Pérez Galdós in _MLN_; _Revista de Estudios Hispanos_; _Kentucky Romance Quarterly_; articles on the academic culture in _Liberal Education_ and _Journal of the M/MLA_; article on Miguel de Unamuno in book dedicated to John W. Kronik


Creation and direction of joint international Master's degree for teachers of Spanish (IUPUI-University of Salamanca); work with study abroad programs over many years; 6 years' service as chair of Spanish Department; work on numerous departmental and School committees

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