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[Photo]: Michael B. Burke

Michael B. Burke (Retired)

Campus Address: CA 344B
Phone: 317-274-3957


Professor Emeritus of Philosophy


B.A., with Highest Honors, University of Virginia, 1964
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1976

Academic Interests

Metaphysics, logic, epistemology, and philosophy of religion


School of Liberal Arts Distinguished Faculty Service Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service, 1997


Hume and Edwards on ‘Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?’” Australasian Journal of Philosophy62(4) (1984): 355-62.
Copper Statues and Pieces of Copper: A Challenge to the Standard Account.” Analysis 52(1) (1992): 12-17.
Dion and Theon: An Essentialist Solution to an Ancient Puzzle.” Journal of Philosophy 91(3) (1994): 129-39.
Preserving the Principle of One Object to a Place: A Novel Account of the Relations Among Objects, Sorts, Sortals, and Persistence Conditions.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54(3) (1994):591-624.
“Sortal Essentialism and the Potentiality Principle.” Review of Metaphysics 49(3) (1996): 491-514.
“Tibbles the Cat: A Modern Sophisma.” Philosophical Studies 84(1) (1996): 63-74.
“Coinciding Objects: Reply to Lowe and Denkel.” Analysis 57(1) (1997):11–18.
“Persons and Bodies: How to Avoid the New Dualism.” American Philosophical Quarterly 34(4) (1997): 457-67.
“The Impossibility of Superfeats.” Southern Journal of Philosophy 38(2) (2000): 207-220.
The Staccato Run: A Contemporary Issue in the Zenonian Tradition.” Modern Schoolman 78(1) (2000) :1-8.
Is My Head a Person?” In K. Petrus (ed.), On Human Persons. Ontos Verlag, 2003, 107-125.
Dion, Theon, and the Many-Thinkers Problem.” Analysis 64(283) (2004): 242–50.

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