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[Photo]: John J. Tilley

John J. Tilley (Retired)

Campus Address: CA 344B
Phone: 317-274-4690


Professor Emeritus of Philosophy


B.S., United States Military Academy, 1975; M.A., University of Georgia, 1983; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1988

Academic Interests

Ethical theory, practical reason, early modern ethics


Frequently taught courses: Logic (P162); Philosophy of Human Nature (P322/P600); Ethical Theory (P326/P540); Hume's Skeptical Philosophy (P418/P525); Great Debates in Early Modern Philosophy (P418/P522).


FACET Award for Excellence in Teaching; Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (twice); I.U. President's Award for Distinguished Teaching; Liberal Arts Outstanding Faculty Service Award; Trustees Teaching Award; listed (twice) in Who's Who Among America's Teachers.


in moral theory, practical rationality, and related areas. Representative articles include:

Accounting for the 'Tragedy' in the Prisoner's DilemmaSynthese 99 (1994): 251-76.
Motivation and Practical ReasonsErkenntnis 47 (1997): 105-27.
Cultural RelativismHuman Rights Quarterly 22 (2000): 501-47.
Justifying Reasons, Motivating Reasons, and Agent Relativism in EthicsPhilosophical Studies 118 (2004): 373-99.
Desires, Reasons, and Reasons to be Moral, American Philosophical Quarterly 41 (2004): 287-98.
Is 'Why Be Moral?' a Pseudo-Question?: Hospers and Thornton on the Amoralist's ChallengePacific Philosophical Quarterly 87 (2006): 549-66.
Reasons, Rational Requirements, and the Putative Pseudo-Question 'Why Be Moral?' Synthese 161 (2008): 309-23.
Dismissive Replies to 'Why Should I Be Moral?' Social Theory and Practice 35 (2009): 341-68.
Physical Objects and Moral Wrongness: Hume on the 'Fallacy' in Wollaston’s Moral TheoryHume Studies 35 (2009): 87-101.
Exciting Reasons and Moral Rationalism in Hutcheson's 'Illustrations upon the Moral Sense,' Journal of the History of Philosophy 50 (2012): 53–83.
HedonismEncyclopedia of Applied Ethics, 2nd ed., ed. R. Chadwick (Academic Press, 2012), vol. 2: 566-73.
The Problem of Inconsistency in Wollaston's Moral TheoryHistory of Philosophy Quarterly 29 (2012): 265-80.
Wollaston's Early CriticsBritish Journal for the History of Philosophy 20 (2012): 1097–1116.
John Clarke of Hull’s Argument for Psychological EgoismBritish Journal for the History of Philosophy 23 (2015): 69–89.
Hutcheson's Theological Objection to EgoismJournal of Scottish Philosophy 14 (2016): 101–123.
Francis Hutcheson and John Clarke: Self-Interest, Desire, and Divine Impassibility, forthcoming, International Philosophical Quarterly, 2017.

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