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[Photo]: Kevin Jerome Jones

Kevin Jerome Jones

Campus Address: CC125
Phone: 812-348-7290
Email: joneskj@iupuc.edu


Associate Professor, Management, Division of Business


Doctor of Education, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 2001; Master of Arts, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 1991; Bachelor of Arts, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 1982


I am best described as human resource development leader who applies organizational development practice and organizational communication theory to deliver results for organizations. I have for many years worked to transform organizations to improve performance and productivity. With over 25 years of experience in leadership, management, and human resource development roles, I have deep knowledge in these fields. As a college faculty, I’ve learned the importance of student engagement with the course topic and content. To facilitate this engagement, I seek to inspire and challenge students to apply the concepts covered in my courses. My goal is to bring to students a “real world” practitioner’s perspective supported by leading-edge research. Students can expect to apply theory to practice and identify new ways to use best-practice concepts. In my classes, students dialogue, work in teams, present, and sometimes debate concepts with the goal of learning ways to enable optimum organizational performance.

Academic Interests

Leadership and Management Competencies Models, Application and Development, Romantic Relationships in the Workplace, Non-Dominant Culture Leadership Experiences and Learning Approaches, Organizational Change Process Enablers and Dysfunctions, Teaching and Learning Strategies in Higher Education


BUS J404 Business and Society BUS W430 Organizations and Organizational Change BUS Z302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations BUS Z440 Personnel–Human Resource Management BUS Z443 Training and Development BUS Z445 Recruitment and Selection BUS Z447 Leadership, Teamwork and Diversity MBA Module 1: Strategy, Alignment and Change BUCO W516 Organizational Development and Change MBA Module 6: Managing and Leading BUCO J506 Leadership and Ethics in the Business Environment


Berte, E., and Jones, K.J, (2014). The Field Trip as an Experiential Teaching Strategy to Promote Reflective Learning. Journal of the Academy of Business Education; Mainiero, L and Jones, K. J. (2013) Sexual Harassment Versus Workplace Romance: Social Media Spillover and Textual Harassment in the Workplace. Academy of Management Perspectives; Borst, M. E., Jones, K. J. & Cohen, B (2012). Categorizing Transfer Students from the Two Year Perspective. In Advising Student Transfers: Strategies for today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges. 2nd Edition. NACADA; Clerkin, T, Jones, K.J. & Oakes, M. O (2012). A Study of Conflict In Top Management Decision-Making: The Impact of Contribution Motive. Coastal Business Journal; Mainiero, L & Jones, K. J. (2012) Workplace Romance 2.0: Developing a Communication Ethics; Model to Address Potential Sexual Harassment from Inappropriate Social Media Contacts between Coworkers. Journal of Business Ethics; Jones, K. J. (2002). The Mis-Education of the African American minister: considerations for changes in developing pastors. In James L. Conyers (Ed.), Black Cultures and Race Relations. Chicago, IL: Burnham Inc, Publishers.

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