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[Photo]: Hongmei Duan

Hongmei Duan

Campus Address: 127G
Phone: 317-274-2665
Email: duanh@iupui.edu


Associated Professor of China,Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,nursing school.


B.A. School of medicine, Xinjiang Shihezi University 1989, M.M.School of Public health, Lanzhou University,2001, M.D. Capital medical university and Beijing children’s hospital,2007.

Academic Interests

Public health in community,Asthma Management, Health policy,Nursing education,TCM education for foreigner,Epstein-Barr infection, HPV infection.


Pediatrics nursing,The basic course of nursing professional English for foreigner Undergraduate students


Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Ethics Award as teachers, 2012


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Chinese Journal of Reproductive Health (as Editorial Board Member)

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