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[Photo]: Edmund F. Byrne

Edmund F. Byrne (Retired)


Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and
Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Philanthropic Studies


B.A. St. Joseph's College (IN) 1955
M.A. Loyola University of Chicago 1956
Ph.D. University of Louvain (Belgium) 1966
J.D. Indiana University 1978

Academic Interests

Social and political philosophy


Liberal Arts Outstanding Faculty Award 1988


Towards Enforcing Bans on Illicit Businesses: From Moral Relativism to Human Rights.
Journal of Business Ethics 119 (2014): 119–130.

Review of Andrew J. Polsky's Elusive Victories: The American Presidency at War.
Michigan War Studies Review (June 6, 2013).

Review of William R. Nester's Haunted Victory: The American Crusade to Destroy Saddam and Impose Democracy on Iraq.
Michigan War Studies Review (Aug. 28, 2012).

Appropriating Resources: Land Claims, Law, and Illicit Business.
Journal of Business Ethics 106 (2012): 453–66.

Business Ethics Should Study Illicit Businesses: To Advance Respect for Human Rights.
Journal of Business Ethics 103 (2011): 497–509.

The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex is Circumstantially Unethical.
Journal of Business Ethics 95 (2010): 153–65.

The Planned Obsolescence of the Humanities: Is It Unethical?
Journal of Academic Ethics 5 (2007): 141–52.

Assessing Arms Makers' Corporate Social Responsibility.
Journal of Business Ethics 74 (2007): 201–17.

Leave No Oil Reserves Behind, Including Iraq's: The Geopolitics of American Imperialism (PDF)
Originally published in Philosophy Against Empire, ed. Tony Smith and Harry van der Linden. Radical Philosophy Today, vol. 4 (Charlottesville, VA: Philosophy Documentation Center, 2006), pp. 39-54.

The Post-9/11 State Of Emergency: Reality Versus Rhetoric
Originally published in Social Philosophy Today, vol 19, ed. Cheryl Hughes (Charlottesville, VA: Philosophy Documentation Center, 2004), pp. 193-215.

Nuclear Holocaust in American Films.
Research in Philosophy & Technology 9 (1989): 13–21.

The Depersonalization of Violence: Reflections on the Future of Personal Responsibility.
Journal of Value Inquiry 7(3) (1973): 161–72.

Evolution and Revolution: The Drama of Realtime Complementarity.
Philosophy Forum 2 (March 1972): 167-206; orig. in Evolution-Revolution, eds. R. Gotesky and E. Laszlo, London: Gordon & Breach, 1971.

Secular and Religious: An American Quest for Coexistence (AuthorHouse, 2011),
Work, Inc. (Temple University Press, 1990),
Technological Transformations (Kluwer Academic, 1989),
Human Being and Being Human (Prentice-Hall, 1969), and
Probability and Opinion (Nijhoff 1968);
Section Editor, The Journal of Business Ethics;

and contributions to books, journals and reviews

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