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Departments and Programs

Liberal Arts' eleven departments offer bachelor's degrees as well as a variety of certificate and graduate degree options. Also included are academic programs and additional degree options. You can sort by type, department or program, by clicking on the column heading "Department" or "Program". To visit any of the department or program websites, please click on the department or program name or the link "Website" at the right.

Department or Program Type Description Website
Africana Studies (AFRO) Program

Africana Studies documents the migrations, history, life, culture, and politics of people of African descent as well as linkages to the African continent and the peoples of the African Diaspora.

American Indian Programs - Native American Studies (NAS) Program

Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI with a specific aim to educate all students about the diverse history, culture, philosophy, and economic and political development of Native American Indians. A special focus will be given to the challenges of Native American Indian identity and sovereignty. The Certificate in Native American Studies gives students a cursory understanding of the challenges of Native American Indian identity and sovereignty and prepares students to work more effectively and culturally competently with American Indian people. The certificate equips students of all backgrounds with the requisite knowledge and experience for any number of career paths, in addition to fostering personal growth and enrichment.

American Sign Language/English Interpreting (ASL) Program

The Bachelor of Science program in American Sign Language/English Interpreting strives to prepare students to enter the profession of interpreting upon graduation.

For students who already possess a bachelor's degree, a certificate program is offered. The certificate program consists of the eight core courses of the Interpreting major plus nine (9) credits of pre-requisite courses in Linguistics, Grammar and Deaf Culture.

American Studies (AMST) Program

American Studies draws on a multi-disciplinary approach to develop understanding of and knowledge about America.

Anthropology (ANTH) Department

Anthropology is the study of human culture, biology, and social interaction across a very broad expanse of time and place.

Arabic (NELC) Program

The study of Arabic opens the door to the cultures of the Middle East and the vast Islamic world. It is an important language for the fields of political science, religion, art history, business and the foreign service.

Chinese (EALC) Program

The Chinese program endeavors to set up a solid foundation for learning the Chinese language and acquiring an understanding of Chinese culture.

Classical Studies (CLAS) Program

Classical Studies is an interdisciplinary field examining the vanished civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome through the study of classical art, history and archaeology, mythology, literature and the intellectual traditions of the ancient world, as well as the study of the Greek and Latin languages.

Communication Studies (COMM) Department

Communication Studies is concerned with one of the most distinctly human characteristics: the use of symbols to share information, to maintain social contact, and to influence others.

Economics (ECON) Department

Economics analyzes and predicts individual behavior in the context of institutions such as firms, governments, markets, clubs and religions.

English (ENG) Department

English is the study of writing and literacy, literature, linguistics, creative writing, and film.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program

The English for Academic Purposes Program is part of the English Department in the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. The EAP Program is designed to provide the language support and assistance undergraduate and graduate students need to fully participate and succeed in their respective fields.

French (FREN) Program

The mission of the program is to give students the opportunity to develop appropriate proficiencies in French, to acquaint students with the literary and cultural productions of the francophone world, and to give them the opportunity to acquire critical skills through literary and cultural analysis as they prepare for careers in teaching and research, business, translation, and other areas.

General Studies (GNST) Program

The General Studies degree, offered through the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, combines high academic standards with convenience.

Geography (GEOG) Department

Geography is a uniquely integrative discipline that attempts to understand how environmental processes and human activities interact to form Earth's landscapes.

German (GER) Program

The Program in German offers: A Major in German, A Teaching Major in German toward Teacher Certification through the Transition to Teaching Program with the IU School of Education at IUPUI, A Minor in German, A Dual Degree option with the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI.

Global and International Studies (INTL) Program

International Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to learning about the world.

History (HIST) Department

History explores the richness of human experience and seeks explanations for the legacies that shape contemporary cultures and societies.

Individualized Major Program (IMP) Program

The Individualized Major provides a structure which allows students, in consultation with faculty members, to design majors that meet their own educational needs.

Italian (ITAL) Program

The Program in Italian offers courses in beginning and intermediate Italian.

Japanese Studies (EALC) Program

Japanese Studies in an interdisciplinary field including the study of the language, culture, literature and the arts of Japan. Japanese is important for the fields of philosophy and history, technology and new media, the arts, international cuisine and tourism.

Journalism and Public Relations (JOUR) Department

The Department of Journalism and Public Relations at IUPUI has its roots in the century-old Indiana University School of Journalism. Today, the department combines that journalistic heritage with contemporary public relations and a dynamic urban environment filled with real-world teachers, experiences, jobs and internships.

Latino Studies (LATS) Program

The Latino Studies program is designed for all students interested in studying Latino history and culture, the current role of the Latino community, and its contributions in the United States. The Latino Studies certificate or minor is a perfect complement for a wide variety of liberal arts degrees, providing a well-rounded liberal education with a special focus on the international dimension.

Linguistics (LING) Program

The linguistics concentration offers a program of study of language structure and use that begins with courses designed to introduce students to the following elements of the discipline of linguistics: the basic theoretical assumptions, the fundamental concepts, the methodological approaches.

Medical Humanities and Health Studies (MHHS) Program

The MHHS Program explores the state of health care and concepts of health and illness from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective.

Motorsports Studies (MSPT) Program

The Certificate in Motorsports is for people interested in topics like the history of motorsports, women in motorsports, race and ethnicity and motorsports, and the economics of motorsports. In addition to a general track in motorsports studies, special tracks are available for students interested in communication and public relations; business, finance, and management; and tourism and event management.

Museum Studies (MSTD) Program

Museum Studies at IUPUI prepares people to be self-reflective leaders in the museum field.

Paralegal Studies  Program

The program is designed to educate students about a broad range of legal topics, and we work to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in law-related careers. Our program focuses on developing the critical thinking and analytical skills of students through research, writing and practical assignments. Our faculty includes many successful attorneys from Indianapolis and surrounding communities.

Philosophy (PHIL) Department

Philosophy aims at a general understanding of the whole of reality. Philosophers address a diverse array of deep, challenging, and profoundly important questions.

Political Science (POLS) Department

Political scientists study the people who run governments, those who make laws and policies, and the sources of their authority.

Pre-law Program  Program

Political Science is the preferred undergraduate major for anyone thinking of attending law school. There is no specific curriculum or course of study associated with pre-law - at IUPUI or at any other university in the United States - but in response to demand, we have a pre-law program designed to provide advice, to help you learn more about law school and the legal profession, and to offer courses you may find helpful.

Public History  Program

The Public History Program at IUPUI trains good historians to practice their craft in a variety of public settings. IUPUI's program blends traditional Masters-level training in history with theory and hands-on experience specific to public history.

Religious Studies (REL) Department

Religious Studies is the exploration of the patterns and dimensions of the many different religious traditions of the world.

Sociology (SOC) Department

Sociology is the systematic study of human groups and all aspects of social behavior.

Spanish (SPAN) Program

The mission of the program in Spanish at IUPUI is to assist students in achieving proficiency in the Spanish language and to lead them to an understanding of and appreciation for the wide range of Hispanic cultural, literary, and linguistic manifestations. To meet this goal, the program in Spanish offers introductory and advanced instruction in language, linguistics, culture and civilization, literature, and applied language studies.

Translation Studies  Program

Globalization and the changing US demographics have increased demand for translation skills in many fields, educational, medical, legal and technical.

Women's Studies (WOST) Program

Women's Studies explores a wide range of issues as seen through the perspective of gender.

World Languages & Cultures (WLAC) Department

World Languages and Cultures includes foreign language study, cultural and literary studies, translation, language pedagogy, and heritage studies.


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