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Liberal Arts Certificates

Looking for a way to expand your portfolio of skills or add to your current degree program?

The IU School of Liberal Arts offers a variety of undergraduate and certificate that allow you to diversify your education and enhance your value in the workplace--with a smaller commitment of time and finances than a traditional degree. Certificates require 5-9 classes and are between 15-27 credit hours.

A minor or certificate in the IU School of Liberal Arts is an excellent complement to disciplines both within the liberal arts as well as other IUPUI schools. Whether you’re majoring in one of our many programs or supplementing a degree in science, business, or some other discipline, a minor or certificate can provide desirable experience and a valuable credential.

CertificatesLevel(s)Description# of Classes# of Credit HoursWebsite
Africana StudiesUndergraduate

Provides an overview and understanding of both historical and contemporary perspectives of the peoples and cultures of Africa.

American PhilosophyGraduate

Gives students the opportunity to study in a one-year program at one of the world's premier places for studying American philosophy and especially the thought of Charles Sanders Peirce.

American Sign Language/English InterpretingUndergraduate

Prepares students to become entry-level interpreters with an ability to assess and synthesize diverse and complex aspects of human language behavior in contemporary society.


Prepares students for policy analysis and development (e.g., on ethics committees), compliance (e.g., in risk management or institutional review-board positions), or teaching and education (e.g., in continuing education programs). Also be useful to professionals working in legislative or other policy positions.

Chinese StudiesUndergraduate

Allows students to choose courses from intermediate and advanced Mandarin Chinese, as well as culture, cinema, literature, history and society courses taught in English.

Geographic Information ScienceUndergraduate and Graduate

Involves both theoretical and applied research with spatial technologies including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and the global positioning system (GPS).

Human Communication in a Mediated WorldUndergraduate

Provides students an opportunity to explore the communication challenges and opportunities inherent in the process of moving back and forth between face-to-face and mediated settings (online).


Prepares non-journalism majors for careers in journalism, mass communications or a related field. Students take courses in the major, including visual communications; reporting, writing and editing; and communications law.


Interdisciplinary program that, depending upon a student's interests, may include courses taught in the Schools of Business, Journalism, and Physical Education and Tourism Management. Requires 55 credits prior to admission.

Museum StudiesUndergraduate and Graduate

Provides students with broad-based, interdisciplinary training in museum practice and knowledge of contemporary issues in the museum field.

Paralegal StudiesUndergraduate

Paralegals are qualified through education, training or work experience to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of legal concepts often performed by lawyers.

Professional EditingGraduate

An interdisciplinary program offers editing concentrations in English and History, i.e., critical editing and documentary editing.

Public RelationsUndergraduate

Prepares non-journalism majors for careers in public relations or a related field. Students take courses in the major, including introduction to public relations; public relations writing and public relations tactics and techniques.

Survey ResearchGraduate

Provide students with interdisciplinary training in the evaluation of survey research data, and the implementation of survey research programs.

Teaching English as a Second LanguageGraduate

Introduces the major theoretical foundations of teaching English as a foreign and second language and acquire experience through practice teaching in authentic ESL classrooms.

Technical CommunicationUndergraduate

Students gather and translate technical information for various audiences and design, develop, and edit documents using theoretical principles and current technology.

Theatre and PerformanceUndergraduate

Offers a core of two basic courses, 3 electives, and a required independent creative project. The goals are multifaceted and allow for competency development, performance, and direct interaction with the artists and practitioners. Requires 60 credits prior to admission.

Translation StudiesUndergraduate

Features emphases in French, German, and Spanish, focusing on grammar, professional writing skills, culture, translation history and theory, as well as knowledge of technology applications to translation.

CertificatesLevel(s)Description# of Classes# of Credit HoursWebsite

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