Department of Communication Studies

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program offers the following: Major in Communication Studies, Minors in Communication Arts, Media Production or Aesthetics, Organizational Communication, Rhetorical Studies, or General Theatre. In addition we offer a Certification in Theatre and an Online Certification in Human Communication in a Mediated World.


Want to know what you can do with a degree in Communication Studies? Take a look at the following informative brochure.


Are you wondering what courses you need to complete in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, a minor or one of our certifications? Please see COURSE PLANNING in LEFT MENU for planning information and departmental requirements.


It is recommended that all students construct their Plan of Study in consultation with their Communication Studies Academic Advisor and file a copy with the Communication Studies Department Office. Please consult your Communication Studies Advisor for more information.



Liberal Arts Resources

All Liberal Arts undergraduate students must complete at least 122 credit hours that count toward their degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. General education requirements (common core curriculum) are the same for all majors in Liberal Arts. In addition, each student must complete the required courses within their major as part of their 122 hours.


Information on the Liberal Arts degree requirement is available from the IUPUI Campus Bulletin 2012-2014 at

To assist in planning, use the Liberal Arts General Education Checksheet, in combination with the departmental course planning materials to complete your Plan of Study.