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Online Certificate: Human Communication in a Mediated World

Certificate Description: The Department of Communication Studies offers a Certificate to traditional and non-traditional students that can be completed entirely online during the summer sessions. Non-majors in other areas of study such as Business, English, Journalism, Medicine, Psychology, Social Work, Tourism, Restaurant Management and others will find our courses highly complementary to their discipline. Non-traditional students will find that this certificate is an excellent stand-alone program of study that may satisfy a number of professional development objectives at their place of work or business.  For further information, contact Beth Goering, 278-3136.

This Certificate is a response to the growing necessity for humans to learn to interact more effectively in a world where people frequently move in and out of traditional face-to-face and mediated communication situations. Our face-to-face communication is altered because of our mediated experiences, which are now an integral part of our society.

The general objectives unique to this Certificate are:

  • Students will be able to understand and apply traditional and mediated communication theories appropriately and effectively in organizational, intercultural, inter-personal, persuasive, and mass media communication contexts.
  • Students will be able to examine, understand and apply appropriate communication tools, processes and strategies in computer-mediated environments.

The specific outcome unique to this Certificate is that students will be able to analyze and evaluate the impact of the mediated environment on the communication choices at hand. Embedded in the curriculum is the unique experience through which students will be able to navigate and consider critically the decisions they make when communicating within a mediated environment as they learn in that environment. Students will be able to better consider the impact of that environment on traditional, face-to-face communication situations, strategies, relationships and interactions. For this reason, the Certificate directly addresses the professional development needs of businesses and the professions.

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Criteria for earning a Certificate: The Certificate is awarded under the following conditions:

  • 18 hours of Certificate courses completed online ( one required core course)
  • Grades of "C" or higher in each course
  • Overall GPA of no less than 2.0

The Certificate is available to the following groups:

  • Degree - seeking students (not available to Communication Studies majors)
  • Non-degree-seeking students