NSF REU Application

The 2015 NSF REU program will run from June 1st through July 31st. The four-week field component at Lawrenz Gun Club in the central Illinois River valley will occur between June 1st and June 26th. A one-week break for July 4th and prepping of the labs and materials will occur between June 27th and July 5th. The four-week lab component at IUPUI will run from July 6th through July 31st. Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Students must also be enrolled as undergraduates at a higher education institution during the REU program. Those who have completed the requirements for their bachelor’s degree by June 2015 are not eligible to apply. Participants cannot attend other classes or hold outside employment during the program. Students who are members of groups historically or currently underrepresented in the sciences are particularly encouraged to apply.

To apply, please 1) complete and submit the form below, 2) enter the requisite contact and institutional affiliation information for your two references, 3) upload an unofficial copy of your transcript, and 4) upload a statement of purpose (see description below).

Priority Application Deadline: April 3rd, 2015

Please note that applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled.

Because the form is not savable, we recommend you complete your narrative responses within a word document before completing this form. Also, please allocate enough time to complete and submit the form in one time frame.

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An email will be sent to the two individuals that you list below that are familiar with your academic record and research potential. Please ensure that your references are willing and able to write letters of support for you before entering their contact information below.
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Personal Goals
In what ways does this NSF REU Project involving archaeologists, geoarchaeologists, geophysicists, and earth scientists fit into your educational goals?
Research Expectations
What skills do you expect to hone or gain as a result of participating in this NSF REU Project?
Research Experience
Why should you be given this opportunity over other equally qualified applicants?
General Expectations
What excites and scares you about participating in this NSF REU project?
What unique qualification(s) and experience(s) do you bring to this NSF REU project?
Demographics (Optional)
One important goal of the REU Program is to encourage research participation of individuals from groups underrepresented in science. Please check ALL categories that apply to you.
 African (Black) American
 Asian American
 Mexican American (Chicano)
 Native American
 Puerto Rican
 Other Hispanic
 White, non-Hispanic

Special Considerations
 First-generation college student
 Low income

Survey Question
How did you hear about us? Please check all categories that apply to you:
 NSF Website
 Mailing or Poster
 Conference Exhibit
 Advisor or Department
 Past Participant
 Other Internet Website
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Copy of Unofficial Transcript
Statement of Purpose
Please write and attach a one to two-page (double-spaced) statement of purpose that details why you would like to participate in this NSF REU program that will be examining warfare and demographic patterns at the site and regional levels during the late Pre-Columbian Period in the Mid-continental United States. Provide details concerning your academic experiences to date, interests in interdisciplinary science and the transdisciplinary research context, your educational and career goals, and how you and the program will mutually benefit from your participation.
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Once you have completed this form and uploaded the required documents, submit your application below. If you do not receive a confirmation email in the next 48 hours, please contact us at